privat bongacams sexy girl With thick hair to the shoulder blades.
170 centimeters tall, with a slender figure, and 3-size tits that stand out, a rounded appetizing ass and long chiseled legs, which were worn brown sandals on a long heel.
She herself was wearing a light blue short dress, which barely reached her bottom to half her hips, and a deep neckline on top.
The bra, as I understood from the bulging nipples, was not on her.

We went to the kitchen, and there Nastya told me that she was with a friend, lost track of time and now she will not have time to get to the house before the metro is closed, and she has no money for a taxi.
My husband is at work all night and cannot pick her up.
Therefore, she would like to spend the night at my place and go home in the morning.
I replied that, with joy, I would give her my bed, and I would lie in another room on the couch.
Having agreed, we continued to talk on all sorts of abstract topics, since we had many common interests and there was something to talk about.
At some point I offered to take some wine with me and go see the movie on the computer in the room – Nastya agreed.
In the room we settled on my bed, and sipping wine, watched what that romantic comedy.
I was so high heels today that my legs ache, could you massage my feet? – asked Nastya in half an hour.

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Of course, I agreed.
She stretched out her legs and I began gently rubbing her feet, she was pleased and she half-closed her eyes tried to completely relax.
“Let me massage your back,” I suggested.
To my surprise, Nastya willingly agreed.
Asking me to turn away, she took off her dress and lay down on her stomach, covering her breasts on the sides with her elbows so that I could not see anything.
Now only transparent black lace panties remained on her clothes.
I gently touched my hands to her back and began to make massaging movements.
To say that at that moment I was standing, it is nothing to say, my cock literally burst out of cowards.
Doing Nastya a massage, I occasionally as if accidentally moved my hands to her ass, from which it seemed to me that I was going crazy.
Ten minutes later, this massage, I realized that I could not hold back any longer and decided: “come what may.”
I took Nastya by the shoulders and turned onto her back.
The next movement, I pulled off my panties on the hips, exposing the standing upright member.
By the time of my relaxing massage, she was already half asleep and therefore did not immediately resist, simply did not understand at the first moment what was happening.

The sight of her naked boobs of the third size, which she didn’t even try to cover, completely deprived me of my mind.
I abruptly tore off her panties, and tried to go into it on the move.
But she finally came to herself, squeezed her legs tightly, crossing them, and covered the entrance to the vagina with her palms from above.
As a result, my cock rested against a tight barrier.
A silent struggle ensued between us, I could not afford to hurt her, so all my attempts to get to her crack were in vain.
At some point our eyes met.
She carefully looked into my eyes and, as it seemed to me, looked into my soul.
privat bongacams sexy girl