teens on web cams The girl touched the top of her chest with her hand, where the drops fell, and looked at Tim in surprise.
Tim felt himself falling into a hot oven: the girl was beautiful to the obscene.
Here is the devil !.
Sorry, miss.

Oh, sorry! This is all a crowd.
Do not worry, it does not.
Nothing, – the girl smiled, raising her eyebrows in surprise.
The crowd, instantly arising out of nowhere, carried Tim away, and he twisted his neck, trying to remember the black Indian eyes and a surprised smile.
Inside, he had the charm of her beauty, sprinkled with shame.
Touching his cheek, Tim raised his fingers to his nose.
They smelled of some kind of herbal tincture, like Corvalol.
“Ugh! Old woman Burda.
Wilson bugs.
– approx.
All of Chicago, all of America went crazy with Jenny Wyeth, the stars of the new generation, and it was difficult to get into the hall, like in a subway car.
Tim was far from newfangled music, from all these folksingles, rock’n’roll and rhythm-and-blues: he loved the good old Glen Miller, and in general, at thirty-two, he considered himself a man who lived in the world.

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He never had to hear Jenny on a radio or television, but everyone around her trumpeted about her, about her songs, her angelic voice, about her performances in defense of someone’s rights, about how she sat for it in prison and was released under the pressure of hippies, about chilling attempts to disrupt her concerts, disgrace and mutilate her.
The interest in her was whipped up by the fact that she was only twenty, and for some three years she, with her quiet songs with a guitar, managed to break through to where the most powerful superstar had crawled for decades.
Therefore, when Tim saw the poster – he decided that Jenny was probably worthy of his attention, and for the first time in many years he bought a ticket to a concert.
Tickets cost from twenty to five hundred bucks, and Tim decided to shush: bought for two hundred a place in the stalls, in the third row.
“Though I will consider it,” he thought, making his way to his place.
The crowd detained him so that he did not have time to turn around in front of the mirror, straighten his tie and turn off other cases; “I might run to the intermission before the Tubzik.

“Tim arrived at the last moment: he didn’t have time to sit down when the lights went out, the lights were lit, and the golden emptiness of the scene opened right in front of him.
In its depth, a fragile figure with a guitar stepped forward with a smooth gait.
The hall burst into a cheer.
Jenny walked to the edge of the stage, smiling indescribably smiling, surprised and shy, as if she were on the stage for the first time, and she was pleased and embarrassed that they loved her so much.
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