webcam chat All right, I myself wanted it.
I will, but not today.
What should I do to redeem my guilt? No power to punish you now.
I want to handcuff you, bite and brutally rape into all holes.

But you are so gentle and fragile, with white skin, you can only be cherished as a porcelain doll.
“Do not allow any man to do with you what you do not want, you deserve the best,” he said, smiling.
It was unforgettable, you are the best man in the world, you revealed yourself to me.
I embodied all my fantasies, I adore you.
This ideal relationship ended in a year and a half, but I will never be able to forget it and will forever believe that fate will bring us together again.
Author: Lady Night
A month ago, our design bureau received a rear design of this gas reactor.
The deadline for the first part of the project was coming to an end, but, as they say, it was still there.
Because of this, I had to stay in the evenings and finish this hard work.

So this time, the head of the department, entering the office of our bureau, approached my desk and said: – Sergey Viktorovich, the order for your overtime work has been signed.
You and Elena Nikolaevna stay all week.
I nodded in agreement.
In general, it was somewhat strange that the head called the two of us by name and patronymic.
He is forty; we are twenty-five both.
Although forty he could give with great difficulty.
His face looked very young.
He was slim and athletic.
His hair was always smeared with gel to the back of his head, which gave him the appearance of a pop singer, and not the head of the design department. dildo squirt webcam
With all this, he was well versed in the specifics of the work of his department, which gave him a non-standard.
After all, the heads of engineering departments are always presented as shapeless mattresses in stretched sweaters and glasses with huge diopters.
But this one was different.

This was the sex symbol of our factory.
Yes, and from the girls he had no end.
“Well, Vadim Sergeevich,” Elena Nikolaevna, looked intently at the monitor, which did not prevent her from answering our boss.
Between themselves, in the bureau, we called Elena Nikolaevna just like Lenochka.
And in general, she was among us, the men of the bureau, was the only representative of the fair sex, and we cared for her, everyone as he could, by virtue of his education and love for the weaker sex.
I – in general, showed the most attention, despite the fact that I was married for two years by the time she came to work with us.
It seemed to me that she liked my wooing, but no more than ordinary signs of politeness on the part of a man.
She did not give a reason to make sure of warmer feelings towards me.
She was not tall, lower than me, about one hundred and sixty centimeters, at a time when I was one hundred and seventy-two.

Dark blond hair, brown eyes, a bit hunched nose and a minimum of makeup.
Sometimes she came completely without him.
And her natural beauty attracted attention.
In addition, she was thin, but not lifeless, like many thin people.
Yes, she had a second breast size, but her butt stood out significantly under the dresses in which she always went to work every day.
She did not like heels, and preferred to them sandals on a flat sole, in which her leg looked even more seductive.
She was different from those girls that I liked before.
I have always loved plump, with a tum, and the size of the boobs is not less than a fourth.
But as soon as Helen came to our bureau, I wanted her.
I could not understand why she attracted me so much, but every day when she came in the door, I could hardly even get close to the tea table – my erection was so strong.
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