webcam friends flash Thank you, – thanked the girls Jenny, – Now I have both hands free.
So cool lies, – Molly giggled, nodding at me, – All boys priborchiki in sight.
I jerked my whole body in a desperate attempt to break free, but two girls firmly held my arms and legs.
First, we get a wet diaper out from under the ass, ”Jenny began to lisp,“ And now we wipe the napkin well between the buttocks. ”

And this little hole too.
Another finger unceremoniously plunged into my ass, making me startled in fear.
Don’t look at me like that, ”Jenny smiled, and after shaking her finger in my ass, she showed everyone a baby’s napkin taken from there. maxinediaz bongacams What a dirty ass, Molly giggled.
Jenny took a new napkin and began to tickle my scrotum.
Whose are these little devices between the legs? – she smiled jokingly, – Now we wipe them out properly – every fold and every nook.
Especially that one behind the testicles.
Wow, ”Amanda exchanged glances with her younger sister,“ Such cowardly testicles.

I also noticed, ”Molia giggled,“ Much more cowardly than the Dannins. ”
What do the cowards mean? – surprised Jenny.
Trying to hide when you touch their baby napkin, Amanda explained.
This is because the napkin is cold, – explained Mary.
By the way, when mom punished Danny with diapers, she purposely kept a box of baby napkins in the fridge, ”Molly said.
And what you need to cool? – asked Jenny.
Now it is not necessary, – Mary replied, – And after I started teaching the child to the pot, it was necessary.
Changing the diaper should not be too comfortable.
How many tricks, ”Jenny grinned. young teen porn webcam
Read the book that I brought you, – said Mary, – Everything is written there.
As our Danny was afraid of cold napkins, Molly recalled.
Yeah, so naughty and burst out when mom wiped him with these napkins between her legs, ”giggled Amanda.
After asking Molly to lower my legs, Jenny took a new napkin out of the box and put it on my stomach.
Here it is.
so wipe the tummy, – she said gently, beginning to wipe my lower abdomen with a cold napkin.

Jenny tickled me in front of me almost five minutes in front of me – all this time it was insulting to lisp with me, as with one year old.
And now we will anoint Tommy with baby oil, ”she smiled, taking a bottle of clear liquid in her hands,“ First, the tummy is like that. ”
And pisyunchik too.
The girls giggled softly, drove me even more into the paint.
Anointed in front? – continued Jenny, – Now it is necessary to anoint the ass.
Molly, can you lift his legs again? Now, – Molly smiled and took me under her knees, lifted my legs up.
Having generously watered me between the buttocks with baby oil, Jenny began to tickle her unbearably tickling him in all directions.
What stuck out the scrotum, as a show? – she laughed, having touched my testicles to me, – That it was more convenient for me to smear it with baby oil? I tried to dodge the tickling dumb fingers, but only mocked my gentle tormentor more strongly.
I decided to twist my booty, – she asked derisively, – What a fidget you are – I just can’t lie still.

Other people’s fingers slid back into my scrotum, causing me to tremble from a sharp tickling.
Be patient, – Jenny gently appealed to me, – Little boys should always be thoroughly smeared with baby oil between their legs, otherwise diaper rash will appear.
Maybe it’s better to take the boy by the ankles? – asked my aunt Molly, – Clamp legs, so he did not jerk them? Let him jerk, – Jenny grinned.
Yeah, it’s so cool to watch the boy floundering helplessly, ”Amanda giggled.“ Just hold him tight so as not to burst out.
Do you kick for us like a year old? – Jenny jokingly asked me, unbearably tickling me for the testicles, – That’s it.
What an obedient boy – they asked and immediately did.
After tickling me for a couple more minutes, Jenny asked Molly to lower my legs.
I expected that having anointed me with baby oil, the aunt would smell and fasten my diaper, but Jenny instead went silently to the door.
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