webcam not showing up And finally, you go to the post, they know you as the son of the late Kamala.
Let them know that his son is as rich as he was then, and his family lives in Europe at his expense, that’s how cool you are.
This is your image Orhan.
The last argument seemed to work.

He calmed down a bit, sat back at the table. webcam not showing up
– If I find out that you are changing, I will kill – Do not start again.
Who are you holding me for? – Shut up and do not interrupt.
Children will stay here with me – No logic.
How can a wife live alone in Europe? He was silent for a while.
– Well, how do you even imagine all this? How will I see them? – Well, we are not at all moving.
And secondly, we will fly once or twice a month.
In the summer they will spend more time with you. webcam not showing up