face cam anal “I don’t know,” Irina smiled slyly.
– I have my own master.
As he says.
A little later, literally half an hour before Sergey’s arrival, Lena received a letter with a task.

“When it gets dark, you go for a walk in the evening, for thirty minutes, no less, wearing a transparent turtleneck.
To prevent the nipples from catching your eye, glue them with flesh-colored adhesive plaster.
One does not walk.
Must with someone. ”
They quickly reached the river bank.
Located away from other companies.
But this time Sergey didn’t ask Irina to take anything off.
Too many people.
After swimming, Sergey dozed off.
In order not to interfere with him, Irina and her daughter lay a little further away.
For some time they lay silently.
Lena sighed a couple of times.
– What are you sighing, as if in front of you an insoluble problem? Come on, come on! – The master sent a letter.
Will you help? – she immediately laid out what should be the help.
– Yeah! – only said Irina, – he does not allow you to relax.

But at least cares.
A guide requires.
They spent some time discussing the details of the upcoming evening, then Sergey woke up and dragged them to bathe.
Before returning home, she did not return to this topic.
After dinner, Irina decided to talk with her brother about the task for Lena.
As soon as we started talking about the walk, Sergey introduced the proposal: – Let’s go to the center.
There is one quarter, it is ideal.
In general, I will do everything as you say, do not worry, – he concluded. webcam shows of venera07 bongacams
As it got dark, Irina approached Sergey.
– Mi is ready.
Are we going? – Yes, of course, let him sit in the car.
Irina, hugging her brother, kissed him, inadvertently touching his chest with his hand.
She was in a blouse, but without a bra.
– And how do I get dressed, my strict master? Do you have any special wishes? – Yes, – he kissed her back, – there is a wish.
Be without panties and in a short skirt.
“I obey, my lord,” she depicted an oriental bow.

Sergey stopped the car in a close block, built up with old buildings.
Basically, they were occupied by various organizations, so narrow streets became empty with darkness.
Walk – I do not want.
Sergey and Irina “led” Lena to walk.
She walked in front.
They are behind, several steps behind.
Irina took her brother by the hand.
“You haven’t even looked at her.”
And we tried so hard.
The adhesive plaster was re-glued several times to keep it as small as possible.
The view was very seductive! “This is not for me, this is for the Master,” he retorted jokingly.
– I don’t open my mouth on someone else’s mouth.
I have mine, so nice, soft, lukewarm, – he ran his hand under her skirt, stroking her ass.
On a short street squeezed by houses and trees, except for them, there was nobody.
– Come on, let us add some seductiveness to you, – Sergey unbuttoned another button on her blouse, inadvertently stroking her chest.
– What a shamelessness, paw me right on the street! – in a sugary indignation, she pulled back a little.
– I am a decent girl, so it is impossible with me.

You even talked first, dork! – To talk, it’s me forever.
I can about the weather.
You noticed, decent girl, that it is surprisingly warm outside.
This weather contributes to walks with naked girls, they can not afford to wear panties – he stroked her ass again under the skirt, fleetingly touching her lips.
“You guys have only one thing in mind,” she laughed, dodging.
– No romance! – No, you, I’m not like that.
I have a romance full pockets! Well, we are absolutely wild! We do not understand? – Sergey, plucked a flower from the nearest bush.
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