indian teen webcam I howl in pain with a dick in my mouth, which makes my tormentors laugh.
The one in front puts the dick into my mouth for the entire length and presses my head into the groin: “Come on!”, He commands the second one.
And my anus is pulled even harder, inserting fingers even deeper, and hot wax is spilled on my back (that’s where the third Master was – retreating for a candle).
I go crazy from pain, but I can’t even twitch: my mouth is tight on the dick, my ass is firmly fixed.

I hear the laughter of three men; first they release their butt, then take a member out of their mouths, add a couple of slaps and a couple of slaps, pull their cheek: “Good shly!”.
From the experienced pain, I can hardly stand, the bandage is wet from tears.
I hardly notice the wax that continues to drip onto my back.
“Now suck yourself,” the lord in front tells me, taking me by the hair and lifting my face to myself.
I grop my dick directed at me and take it in my mouth.
First, I slide on his lips, as far as the depth is enough, without putting him in the throat.

Then I take out, lick all of him, the Lord helps me, directing movements, pushes me to the very base, and I lick his eggs, swallow each one in turn and suck on it.
All this I do slowly and diligently – my Master said yesterday that I must do everything so that the Lord would be pleased with me.
While I am doing all this, one of the Lords slowly unruly my ass.
I notice that hot lumps of wax have ceased to fall on my back, and right there the second member rests against my face.
I’m starting to lick them both. black butte ranch webcam
Then I take one of them in my mouth, sucking, not deeply, but quickly sliding my lips tightly over the trunk, I note to myself that the member in the pope also began to walk faster and sharper.
Someone’s hands remove me from the dick that I suck, and immediately insert another.
For me, no difference, I continue to suck, only a little increase the pace.
Not being able to see those who have me, at first I could distinguish them by smell, but now both members smell me and lust, and they are similar in size.

The one who fell in behind slows down, slowly begins to take out his penis, and then sharply push him back, while with one hand he squeezes my thigh strongly, and in the second he takes a short whip, which sometimes causes very painful blows on the pope, hips, sides and back.
Each such blow makes me throw up, releasing the dick from my mouth, then someone from the Lord, from whom I suck, takes my hair, hits my face and returns me.
– Give in two bows, – offers one of them to the second.
And in my mouth there are two members.
It is inconvenient to suck them, not to take deeply exactly, two hands are lying on my head and adjust the pace and depth of the blowjob.
With a groan ends Master, fucking me in the ass.
Slightly lingers inside, and I feel the pulsation of his satisfied member.
When he gets out of me, the members take out of his mouth too, one of the Lords departs, they turn me around, lift me up and lay my back down.
The one that departed turns out to be under me, his dick immediately penetrates my anus, the second cock prepared by my mouth enters the vagina.

On the fifth jerk, they pick up the pace of each other and harmoniously have me in both holes.
I feel overcrowded, I haven’t tried it yet and didn’t expect to like it.
But the synchronism of their movements stimulates all the points that are in me, I am quickly approaching the finish line.
I feel from thoracic rattles coming from both above and below that they are also close to ending, but I didn’t wait – the orgasm covered me with a wave of shivering and heat for a moment before the men.
With an indistinct bunch of bodies, we three of us lie on the floor and come to our senses.
The third gentleman (by the voice I guessed that this is Mr. Russian hidden cam masturbation. Oleg), having already rested, orders me to get up with cancer and show my holes.
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