large webcam tube Pavusha Tarakanov was known to them as a connoisseur of Letov, so when he enthusiastically sang “Touch and torture his flesh a little”, all young punks were silenced.
It would have been a terrific concert, but at that moment bright rays of light hit the eyes of the teenagers – the car’s lights in the courtyard were lit up.
Someone shouted: “Cops!” and they all scattered.
Pavel shook his head and also ran along the street.

In the eyes of twofold and tripled.
Directly ahead were two lampposts.
Pavel has already developed a decent speed and decided to slip between them at full speed.
But what was his surprise, when both pillars merged into one and hit him right between the eyes with a full stroke! Concrete pillar took unlucky punk into his tight embrace.
The last thing Paul had to notice was the sidewalk, which rose vertically and hit him in the ear.
Pasha did not expect such a pod from asphalt and fainted.
The first thing he saw when he came to himself was the face of a young cop, lieutenant.
That fatherly kind, honest eyes looked at Pasha.

Noticing that he was coming to his senses, the cop asked: “Are you not ashamed of it? Will you look at the mother as you will? Now we’ll take you to a tezvyak and take you from otudova with her in the morning.” cuteanddesesperate s bio and free webcam
To you, a jerk, I suppose there are not even fourteen.
“Paul instantly sobered up.
So close to a living cop, he saw for the first time in his short life.
And there was something in him that made Paul feel good and warm at heart, and a wet stain spread out in the lower abdomen and in the pants.
The cop has changed in the face.
He seemed about to cry.
But instead he hit Paul in the jaw, hit severely, as adults are beaten to get to the ground.
“Potap! Start, we carry a puppy to the station.
He, damn it, obsters, seem.
“Paul again fell into oblivion.
Dirty floor on which to lie.
Damp, cold brick walls.
Mature gypsy.
Quiet, silent.
The cop leads Paul and leads him along a corridor illuminated by a single 40W light bulb.
A door.
Behind the door, a giggle, songs.
“Comrade Captain, issue this.

Hooliganism, drinking.
Put him in boots, let him roll on all four sides.
The plaster on the faces, the lips are brightly worn.
Challenging clothes.
A man in the form of a police captain.
Vodka, snack.
Yelling tape voice Shufutinsky.
Tired of us in the cause of our parushki to drag, mom-dad, hide deffok, the thief is going to look for love.
And you wanted Letov, right? Bummer, it’s cops.
From here Letov.
From the deep thoughts of Paul distracted the voice of the peasant.
The guy offered to Paul to drink with him on brotherhood.
Pavel drank vodka for the first time, but swallowed it in one gulp.
The man immediately dug his lips into Paul’s lips with a protracted kiss.
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