mediasmart webcam hp These identical dimples looked very beautiful next to the ruins of our “town planning”.
I was very passionate about our experiences and did not expect a new offer from a girl at all.
– And let’s build a restroom! I looked at her inquiringly, I was very interested in how the restrooms were built.
She resolutely took from my hands Yula and strongly pressed her base into the sand a little distance from our town.

The result was a flat hole of a slightly larger diameter than all the others with the same neat tapering recess in the center.
– This is the restroom! – she said confidently, – here we are going to sikat.
Probably, she has long suffered, not finding an opportunity to move away from me, leaving me unattended, and then finally decided.
I was not particularly embarrassed by her, but within the limits of visibility there was no one, besides, the view from one side was covered by our sand pile.
What I saw then was deposited in my soul very deeply.

She spread her legs on both sides of the depression and, rising to her full height, resolutely lifted the hem of her dress.
She wore black satin panties of the type of shorts with wide seams on the sides and center, and, as I have clearly deposited in my memory, the central seam about a centimeter wide tightly covered the very bottom of the abdomen and smoothly went round the legs between the legs.
Holding both hands on the back of the panties, she automatically lowered them to her knees and immediately sat down, bringing her knees together.
At that time I did not have the slightest idea of ??gender difference and thought that you could only write while standing.
The amazing pose of the girl who was about to sip riveted my curiosity – but it was the pose, and not the very bottom of her belly.
I did not even pay attention to the fact that it was hidden under a black panties. fc2 japan cams sex
Sitting at a distance of half a meter from her almost in front, I stared into the hole of the “dressing room” she had made.

Interestingly, she sat down facing me, although she could turn sideways or even her back, calmly and in full detail demonstrating what at her age is customary to hide from the boys.
Maybe she was interested in my reaction, and maybe she was unconsciously attracted and attracted by the fact that the forbidden line was overstepped – something that cannot be shown.
Whatever it was, but she immediately, without the slightest delay, began to write, sending a taut and smooth colorless stream to the very edge of the prepared fossa.
Slightly moving back and slightly stooping, she corrected the direction of the jet, and now she beat exactly in the center of the hole.
As enchanted, I watched this stream, quickly filled to the brim with a central conical depression in the sand.
Moisture immediately began to be absorbed exactly at the speed of filling the hole, and, despite the energy of the jet, the level of the liquid in the recess did not rise or fall.

The jet made a barely noticeable murmur on the foamy surface of a round and surprisingly even puddle, mixing up the sound with a slight hiss of elastic flow coming out of the girl.
When it began to weaken, the liquid in the well of the same began to decline, and by that time, when the pressure had dried up and the stream turned into a vertical thread of silver droplets falling just past the indentation, under the girl’s ass you could see the noticeably blurred bottom of the sandy crater, turned gray.
The girl did not make the slightest attempt to hide behind herself and barely looked around or at me at the time she wrote, and perhaps I did not myself notice these cautious or curious glances, turning to a careful study of her jet.
All this time she was squatting comfortably and steadily in a deep pose, almost resting her butt on her ankles with her buttocks.
She spread her legs very wide, and squeezed her knees together, pinching black panties between them.

I was so fascinated by the unusualness, some special attractiveness of her posture and the fact that she wrote in a specially prepared dimple, that I didn’t really focus on what the place where the jet had come from looked like.
As soon as the last drop fell, the girl immediately got up and quickly pulled on her shorts, once again showing their tight, tight, tight seam, smoothly going backwards between her legs.
Next to her feet on the side lay my yule.
It was the first in my life feeling of excitement recorded by consciousness, which I found difficult to assess then.
I just realized that the game of building restrooms is extremely interesting to me.
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