opera house webcam On the desk of the fleet’s operational duty rear, the telephone rang.
The assistant officer on duty, a youthful captain of rank 2, who had recently begun to be on duty and who did not yet know all the subtleties of the staff service, immediately grabbed the phone.
– Where is the admiral? – asked a pleasant female voice.
The officer looked at the operative, greyish captain of the 1st rank, and raised his eyebrows in question.

– Some lady is interested in the admiral.
The operative took a parallel pipe and answered politely: – Deputy Commander at the Military Council.
– And how long will he cool there? – Hour three, Lyudmila Konstantinovna.
“As soon as this miracle in feathers becomes free, let me know,” the woman ordered imperiously and hung up the phone.
– Who is this fifa? The assistant asked.
– Admiral.
In addition, Don Juan in a skirt.
But damn it, a real fury.
Do not forget to call her as soon as the admiral is free.
Do not blink, otherwise we will not demolish the heads.
– Is she pretty? – the assistant did not let up.
– In!

Upper class.
Thirty years.
Blonde with blue eyes, aspen waist, chiseled hands and the “Chinese” leg.
In a word, a thoroughbred horse, no words.
Rumor has it cool fucking – operational licked like a cat that ate sour cream.
– Is this his first wife? – The third.
“And he is a real bastard,” the assistant snorted, “Why does he need such a kitty?” – So I think: why? She is fried with others at every turn.
He already has horns that trees in the forest.
I am sure that now she is fidgeting on the knees of another swagger.
In this case, she likes to patronize our brother, ”the operative chuckled and picked up the phone of the newly ringing telephone.
The company carousel swirled the people on duty, and suddenly, in the middle of a sea of ??calls and introductory just before dinner, the direct telephone rang again. opera house webcam
– So you carry out my orders, goats !.
The helper, rounding his eyes, whispered promptly: – Again she.
The operative picked up the phone and as the subscriber poured out his face gradually changed color from pale pink to beetroot.

After a five-minute separation, the operative, barely regaining consciousness, grunted to his assistant: I warned you.
Tomorrow, having changed, you will go to her to apologize.
– What more?! – kavtorang snarled.
“You’ll go if you don’t want to part with this,” the kaprang tapped a pencil on the assistant’s chase.
The next day, the black Volga was waiting for him at the entrance.
Soon the officer was in the house of the admiral.
No sooner had he looked at the lush, tastefully furnished living room, the door opened and the admiral in a translucent peignoir entered through the hall, through which pink patches of seductive tubercles, a hollow navel and a black, mysterious triangle clearly showed through.
– Sorry, Lyudmila Konstantinova.
It is my fault.
“So you will atone for your guilt,” she glanced at his stately figure, took her hand and led her into the bedroom.
“Undress,” she said, and dropped the dressing gown.
He was stunned, unable to take his eyes off her slender forms.

I could not believe that this is not a dream.
He saw such a beautiful, young woman, also without complexes, for the first time.
The naked officer sat on the bed, slightly embarrassed by his nudity.
She went to the table, poured two glasses of brandy.
– Prozit! – there was a ringing of crystal.
He felt a soft, fragrant ball roll down the esophagus and, stopping in the stomach, gently warming.
– Are you familiar with the art of Zhofrey? – she leaned over and kissed him in the rebellious flesh.
– I? Uh uh
– Yes, you did, virgin? – she sneered ironically and picked up the phone’s internal phone.
– Vasya.
Come on in.
A minute later, a broken midshipman, Admiral’s adjutant, appeared in the bedroom.
– Vasya.
Come on sbatsay me a massage, – she said, and sprawled on the carpet, lying on the floor of the bedroom.
Michman used his usual movement to throw off his clothes and, remaining in swimming trunks, knelt at the feet of a woman.
First, he slightly kneaded her heels, then began to rub the calves, stroking them higher and higher, until he reached the buttocks.

And then his fingers ran over the soft white surface of her body so vividly, like the hands of a skilled pianist on the piano keyboard.
She rolled onto her back, He took up a belly massage. kissing bridge webcam As his efforts progressed, her legs began to slowly rise, until her feet were set on the carpet.
Vasya, smacking his lips, was already chewing on her chest, kissing her neck, nose, and lips.
Down below, he dug into the dimple of the navel.
opera house webcam