outdoor security webcam Dick pulsed in the vagina, and I began to finish right in Natasha, not thinking about the consequences.
Feeling the sperm inside her, Natashka also huddled in her orgasm.
After we lay for a long time and gently kissed, like the closest people.

And we were, in fact, the closest people.
From that day on, we began to live a full sexual life with Natasha.
We didn’t get out of stupidity anymore and were always protected when with a rubber band, and when I just took the dick out of Natasha and gave it to her mouth, she gladly brought the matter to the end.
I also always loved sucking her pussy, which she did not oppose.
I finished school, went to college, but two years later I left him and went to the army.
Returning from the army, I learned that Natasha was getting married.
Her future husband (by the way, also Sergey) did not like anyone in our family, but you can’t go against Natasha’s character.
Played the wedding, Natasha moved to her husband, and a year later gave birth to a girl, Julia.
All this time, we sometimes met with Natasha and, remembering past years, fucked in a relative.
Four years later, Natasha divorced, having received a small two-room apartment at divorce, where she still lives with her little daughter.

I often visit them, always bring something tasty and sometimes stay overnight. scottish road webcams
At these moments, Natasha again turns into a little girl and gets up so that the next day we can barely stand on our feet.
In my opinion, Julia realizes our relationship, judging by her sly face, when we sit down in the morning for breakfast, but she is silent.
And I never married.
I have a good business, my own apartment, car, I have enough girls, and everyone wants to drag me to the registrar.
But I have enough family relationships with Natasha, and it so happened that with my niece.
But that’s another story.
(to be continued)
– When you studied in the sixth or seventh grade, I do not remember exactly, our relationship with your father cooled.
I somehow realized that he had a woman.
We almost completely stopped making love.
And I decided to change the love games to return it.
I do not know who he was then, but it means she was in bed better than me: Pour another glass.
– Mummy, maybe that’s enough? You’re completely drunk with me.
– Docha, otherwise I will not tell you anything.
Shame on you
We drank another glass, and my mother continued her story.
– I rummaged in the wardrobe and found my school uniform.
Yes, I have it preserved.

The same, the front, in which I was on the last call.
Has measured.
And the chest has increased by 2 sizes, and I myself have become bigger.
Nothing, uzhm.
It was summer, and you rested somewhere, I do not remember.
Until the next arrival of my father, there was a week left, and I decided to take care of myself (or rather, my body).
The day before my return I climbed into my school uniform and felt quite comfortable.
Grudkam, however, was cramped: Come on, let’s drink at the last.
I offered to go out on the balcony to get some air.
The cold wind quickly brought her to her senses.
About the glass talk was no more.
– Ksyun, let’s go to sleep.
– Mummy, you didn’t tell me about you with my father.
– What else to tell.
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