sexy live webcam Over the past week, Anka was put on a neck with a leather collar, her nipples were pierced by inserting metal rings into them.
On the right ankle pinned the inscription “whore 614”.
Near the door in the cell there was a sheet with a list of the property in the room, the number of beds, a TV, a sofa, below in the section “Props” the same inscription “whore 614” was now listed.
Anka was forbidden to speak, except when she was not asked questions or ordered to speak.

The men in the cell were not permanent, sometimes they went to work.
But the schedule of these departures was not constant and obeyed incomprehensible logic.
Sometimes they all went together for several hours, sometimes one by one.
My husband and I went to a restaurant to celebrate our anniversary dating.

I wore a black dress, fitting my figure, with a deep neckline in front and an open back, stockings and black little panties.
I decided not to wear a bra – that was what my husband liked even more. live webcam pregnant porno
Our mood was wonderful and we wanted to spend this evening unforgettably.
We sat at the table.
My husband undressed me with his eyes, after which he decided to really push me: he began to push the edge of the dress to the side, after which the stockings appeared, then he got to the panties – he began stroking his pubic hair, then gently pushed back the panties and began to push the lips of my pussy and touch the clitoris .
With his every move, I started to get more and more, and when his finger was in my hole – I finished.
Our table was in the corner of the hall, but still I saw a man at the next table watching us.

I told my husband about it, but it brought him even more.
I unbuttoned the pants of his pants, released the excited cock and started to jerk him off with my hand.
Then the husband said: “Take it in your mouth!” I started saying that they would see the same, but he insisted.
Then I stooped and began to suck his dick, but not for long, just a few seconds, having had time to feel his salty taste.
Then we continued to have dinner.
A few minutes later, a man came up to us from that very next table and asked Lyosha for permission to dance with me if I did not mind.
The husband agreed and we went to a slow dance.
The man was quick: he pressed me so tightly that my chest sank into his chest, and his hands rummaged around my back, went down below and, as if by chance, touched my ass.

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