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This thought really got me and I decided to perish a little.
I decided to take the initiative.
“Lie on the sofa,” I said, pulling the dick out of my mouth.

It turned out it is not very beautiful, because the mouth was filled with saliva.
Andrey quickly took off his sneakers, as well as flat pants and pants and lay down on the sofa in front of me.
I turned to him, showing with the movement of my hands that he needed to bend his knees a little bit to press them apart beforehand.
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Oily saliva flopped down and began to flow down and along the edges of the testicles.
I touched them with my tongue and guided them from the base of the penis to the head and back.
Then I began to collect spreading saliva drops with my hand and smear the anus of a man with them.
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Andrew moaned from the buzz.
I sucked them off the scrotum, rolled their tongue.
Then I lowered my head and touched the tongue to the wrinkled hole.
She was all wet and slimy from my salivary secretions.
I began to tongue lick the anus of a man, and hand jerking his dick.
Andrew moaned from pleasure.
I tried to run my tongue inside, but his hole did not let me.
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