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I was almost frantically working with my finger in her hot pussy, my finger was all wet and slippery, and suddenly I felt her twitch, softly, barely audible, groan through clenched teeth, her vagina, in which my finger played, began to shrink frantically .
I realized that my girlfriend was coming.
I played a little more with her there, and slowly began to slow down the pace.

Lenusik moaned once more and uttered in a languid voice.
“Cool! Kayf!” Then she got up from her chair and sat down on her knees in front of me.
I continued to sit with a dangling member sticking out of my pants.
Lenka again took him in her hand, and leaned toward him.
She stroked his hand a little more, and then began kissing the trunk with her lips.
Then she began to lick the whole trunk with her tongue, and gently kissed the head.
Helen took my testicles in her hand and began to pull at them, and with her lips began to caress my head.
Then she began to slowly suck my dick, while with one hand she continued to play with my testicles, and with the other she got herself between her legs again and began to drive her little by little there.

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She took the member deeper and deeper, gradually stretching her mouth on him, and playing with the tongue and head, tickling her a little at the same time, she periodically took my dick out of her mouth and licked it from all sides, and then took it again and continued to suck .
All this time, her free hand was between her legs, and she was pulling at her pussy with her fingers.
I wanted to relax and enjoy it as long as possible, for ages, but my friend was not able to withstand this execution for longer, I told Lena quietly.
“Wait! Now sprinkle!”, But she seemed not to hear me, selflessly continuing her work.
I just managed to mutter.
“, and then a wave of pleasant discharge pierced my body, I realized that I could not hold, and a powerful jet of sperm escaped from me into Lenin’s mouth.
She barely pulled my cock out of her mouth, leaving only the head inside, and continued to play with her tongue, and my head spewed out more and more new trickles until it calmed down.
Lena took a few sips, continuing to lick my head, but the excess sperm was already running down her lips and chin.

When my friend was completely discharged, she took it out of her mouth, licked it, and got up from her knees.
I also got up from the chair, removed the member in his pants, adjusted his underpants, and fastened the zipper.
After that, Lena again plunged into a chair, sat in it with her legs, and, spreading her knees wide, put the pussy forward.
Her T-shirt was still rolled up above the navel.
She licked the remnants of my sperm from her lips, and began to gently stroke her pussy hand, then opened her lips with sexual fingers, and began to play with the clitoris.
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