campbell brown nude It was Ellie.
She took Ann to work, and now was returning from the lunch break, where she went to the nearest shopping center to buy a pair of earrings as a gift to Ann.
Ellie really liked the last night, she harbored the tenderest feelings for her friend, not only friendly, and dreamed of repeating last night today.
But the people who jumped in the car spoiled everything.

The man said “Hotel Monroe”, somehow strangely looked at her, so that she shuddered and wanted to urgently fulfill his order.
But the other half of Ellie resisted the order and Ellie indignantly exclaimed: – Allow me, what do you allow yourself ?! Dan looked at Allie in astonishment and, having got a knife, shouted: – Come on, bitch! Ilma hardly laughed at the same time, because she knew that Dan did not physically succeed in harming an innocent person if Dan knows that he is innocent.
These are the moral foundations of the elves.
() But Ellie, of course, did not know about it and, nervously pulling her head into her shoulders, pressed the accelerator.

The car pulled from place, squealing tires and, picking up speed, drove to the hotel.
Arriving at the hotel, Dan, having penetrated into the hotel chain, put them in a suite, so that in the database the number was listed as busy, turned on the Sphere of Inattention and led everyone, together with Ellie, into the room.
Ellie frightened, walked past the receptionist and was surprised that no one noticed them.
Everyone looked through them! And that scared Ellie more and more.
In the room they settled down, Ilma without being rude, but Ellie sat firmly in a chair and that she pressed on her legs, so that Ellie immediately stopped feeling them. campbell brown nude
Fortunately, she had an idea about such a technique and was not scared, only shrank even more.
Ilma immobilized the captive and approached Dan, who was holding the child.
They looked at him nervously, not knowing what to do next with the baby, and he, apparently, got hungry and began to whimper.
Dan realized what he needed and told Ilma, sending it to the store.

Ellie, seeing that the child was without a diaper, and she could see him, recognized the boy, gasping in surprise.
It was the baby she was about to adopt.
Dan, unaware of Ellie’s thoughts, tried to find out what was with his teammates and could not.
Again and again penetrating the mindsphere, Dan ran into the silence of his friends.
It could only mean two things, that they were either dead or unconscious.
Dan hoped that the second.
If they were dead, the Center would immediately let know about the silence of beacons associated with the agent’s heart.
The heart stops beating – the beacon turns off, sending a short impulse by which you can understand where the beacon carrier was at its last instant.
Yes, and Greg just can not kill, the strongest magician from the top ten living now on Earth, he will not die for the great life.
It only remained to wait, wait and hope.
The end of the first part.
Continuation is possible.
Chapter 9: The first meeting of the Goddess Shilen, sitting on her throne, watched the procession approaching her.

Finally, the last element delivered, bright oracles were necessary for Shilen to complete the Invincibility Necklace.
Yes, Shilen after her awakening acquired immortality, but her body could die from injuries and then she would go forever to that damned world from where she escaped and could not return anymore.
In addition to artifacts and scrolls with spells, for carrying out the ritual of creating a necklace, she needed 14 virgin magicians.
Seven dark and seven light, only by combining their strength, they will be able to extract their power from sealed things and create this necklace.
When the captives were led to the throne, Sybil ordered the light elves to line up and not move.
When they carried out the order, Shilen rose from the throne and slowly began to descend the steps of the pedestal on which her throne stood.
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