cute hidden cam sex teen In her passion, Katerina was just insane.
It lasted about an hour.
Tired, the girls, embracing, lay on the bed.
“Favorite, it was so good for me that you did, never in my life, I did not experience anything like that,” said Olga.

– I, too, was very good with you, I want you to be always there, I love you very much and I can not live without you.
Katia, I also love you very much, we will live together, I want this, without you, I no longer think of my life.
-Ol, we will live like the Queen, we will get new slaves, they will serve us, we will bring up pony fights, pony girls.
“Yes, love, I like your offer,” and she kissed Katya.
For a while, passion again seized them, they kissed, then Olga asked Katerina: -Do you want to write? -Not.
-A, I want Olya clapped her hands, the door immediately opened, four slave kneeling waited for orders from the Lady.
She beckoned Masha with her finger and said: “Mashka, crawl to me, I want to urinate in your mouth, I hope you don’t need to remind you what will happen if even a drop falls on the bed.

Olga, for the first time in her life, urinated into a person’s mouth, although in her dreams she constantly thought about it.
She could not wait to do it.
Taking Masha by the hair, she pressed it to her vagina and with a strong pressure began to urinate in the mouth of the slave.
Going to the toilet, she ordered the slave out, and she stretched out on the bed, hugging Catherine.
Satisfied girls fell asleep.
In the morning Olga got up early, trying not to wake Kate, she dressed, had breakfast, gave instructions to the slaves for the whole day, and she went to the workers to see how the construction of the stable was going. young teen webcam cam
After talking with the brigadier, she returned to the house and went to Katina’s room.
Katerina, already awake and having breakfast in bed, saw Olga entering, she asked her:
Now Katya has become my “official” girl.
We began to see each other every day, and if it happened that we couldn’t meet for any reason, we missed each other terribly.

Sex was an integral part of our relationship.
From Kati, I was delighted! The only minus that I discovered while having sex with her was her “later ignition”: it took at least twenty minutes of assiduous caress to fill her vagina with lubricant.
Frankly speaking, I was a little strained, but my beloved woman could be forgiven for anything! And the fact that I fell in love with her, I had not the slightest doubt! I was incredibly happy, and already made plans for the future.
Kate made a good impression on my parents, and I successfully met her mom and dad.
In general, everything was wonderful.
But after about a month and a half of our regular meetings, oddities began.
That day we went to my beloved aunt’s birthday party, who, having learned that I had a serious relationship with a girl, declared that she was waiting for the two of us on this holiday.
My aunt is a convivial one, all drinking events take place with her in a cheerful and grand manner, therefore from the banquet Katka and I came to my house in a well-heated condition.

Well, what do young and drunk lovers need? That’s right – a portion of hot sex with a sauce of searing passion! Being alone with Katya in my room, I began to try to pull off her beautiful evening gown to begin the main program of the evening.
Surprisingly, Katia, always obedient to my wishes, began to break out of my strong embraces with the agility of a lizard, and run around the room from me.
I blamed it on the effect of alcohol, and in a joking manner began to threaten her with physical violence.
“And you catch me first!” – cheerfully declared Katya.
“And catch up!” – I responded, and took the starting position.
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