hp webcam hd 3310 He instantly threw up an expensive camera hanging from his neck and captured an amazing picture of how poor “razvochka” could not find a place for himself.
Then, not paying attention to Ellis, who almost had his lips bitten through his blood, turned to the policeman.
– Those, I recognized them immediately.
Your debtor

An unusual thing happened here.
Uneasy rough blonde Ellis suddenly roared, burst into tears, like a preschool girl whose toy was taken away.
She could not stop: – Reptiles: men: all: such reptiles: that they managed: girls?
Wonderful evening.
Outside the spring of 2007.
The sun is setting at dusk.
The city is covered with a crimson veil.
People on the street a bit, since it was a day off.
I slowly drove a car and looked at the sidewalk, pedestrians.
A married couple strolls, a pretty girl walks in his heels.
And I see a familiar silhouette.
This woman is 49 years old; she has a thin body, a beautiful hairstyle on her head (it is a pity that a wig but I like it) beautiful slender legs.

She was wearing a raincoat, black skirt below the knee shoes are also black with heels, flesh-colored tights.
This is Lyudmila Nikolaevna.
Lyudmila Nikolaevna works in a school that I graduated five years ago.
When I was studying, she initially was an English teacher, and later received the position of head teacher.
I had it cool.
I always liked to be at her lesson, since Lyudmila was a beautiful woman with a sonorous sweet voice, I attended all her extras, and every time I admired my classroom.
She is married and has two children, a son and a daughter.
I slowed down, opened the window and shouted: “Lyudmila Nikolaevna!” She looked, and her serious look wiped away with a smile.
I waved my hand, she went to the car, I opened the door and she sat down next to me, I immediately felt the taste of her perfume.
She was fresh, spring, went home, I offered to give her a lift. hp webcam hd 3310
In the road, we exchanged a few phrases and quickly reached our entrance.
Before leaving, Lyudmila looked at me, smiled and said: “And send me a tea.”
I was very happy about this offer, I had long dreamed of drinking tea with Lyudmila Nikolaevna.

We quickly parked the car and now we entered the entrance.
On the way to her apartment, I learned that there was no one at home.
Children work in another city, and her husband left.
We will be together in a three-room apartment.
Lyudmila opened the door, walked in quickly, threw off her shoes, and invited me to enter.
I also took off my shoes, took off my jacket, and we went to the kitchen.
She put the teapot, took out cookies, mugs.
We started talking, Luda did not change into home clothes, she sat opposite me and smiled, and we talked pleasantly over tea.
The topics of our conversation were becoming more frankly more intimate, and, finally, I admitted that I have long enjoyed Ludmila as a woman.
What else in school, I admired her figure legs.
When we stayed on the extra two, I caught my breath from what I was sitting next to.
She liked this recognition and Luda sat down next to me, she took my hand and offered champagne.
Even though I was driving, but at that moment I was completely under the authority of Lyudmila Nikolaevna, I agreed on everything.

Lyudmila went to the gym and brought a bottle of Soviet semi-dry champagne.
As a sign that I like Ludmila Nikolaevna, and for our new relationship, I offered to drink champagne from her shoe.
She did not say anything smiling went into the corridor.
She returned in black shoes, in those who came, on an average heel and sat next to a stool.
I uncorked the bottle and poured a glass of champagne in it.
He stood in front of her on the deer and took off her shoe with her right foot.
The shoe was not new, since the insole was well worn inside, it smelled like skin and legs, I liked the smell.
I poured champagne into my shoe.
A toast was made for Lyudmila Nikolaevna, for her legs and slippers.
He raised the shoe with the heel of the court and drank everything that was there in one gulp.
The taste of champagne has changed, the smell has mixed, it was an unusual, tasty drink.
The end of the mouth left a few grains of sand, it only reminded that in these shoes Lyudmila walks down the street.

I started putting on a size 40 shoe on a beautiful foot.
She removed the leg without letting me put on the shoe, and told me to put it nearby, pour some more champagne and gave me my left leg.
I, kneeling, took her glass topped up with a sparkling drink, for myself I took off her second shoe, she was warm from her feet.
Poured champagne there.
This time she said a toast.
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