nicole21x bongacams Of course, I have a name.
True, it is very simple: Avdotya.

It does not suit me at all, in my opinion.
I like Chloe much more.
I am like her, this is a fact (although it’s still not a fact who looks like someone).
Sometimes I even like her; sometimes I even, when I look at it in “Slipping Beauty”, I suddenly recognize myself, or rather, some new, unfamiliar part of myself.
It is strange to see your twin (double?): As if looking at yourself from the side.
– approx.
But I went somewhere again.
It takes me somewhere all the time.
Probably because I never wrote a diary and I do not know how to do it correctly.
! Sam Maitre Philip Boti! The same Philip Boti !!! The chef here of that famous school, the most amazing dancer of France and all of Europe !!! I will live for free in his hostel near Paris, study for free, and then.
Even scary to think.
– approx.
And he is so cool.
I, as I saw him, immediately felt.
And then, when he spoke to me – he was not at all scary, not strict, he was like a friend, although he was twenty years older than me, and so famous, and spoke to me in English, and I knew him so badly then.

Yes, it seems that it is more difficult to enter our theater than to Mattru.
Did he take me because of the beauty, and not because of the talent? How she bothered me, this beauty.
From her nowhere to go.
No, well, it can not be that such a person as he looked at the face of the face and at the body, and not at what a person can.
Can not be.
Do not stick my photo into you, in fact.
It’s even fun: draw yourself with words.
Anyway, there is nothing to do at the airport, and there’s no point in guessing how it will be there, at the Master: I will find out everything soon and describe everything. nicole21x bongacams
Divine, how scary.
Let Dunka into Europe !!!.
First numbers: 175, 52, 89–58–88.
(Years, not keg) Dalda-kalancha, in short.
The hair is black (to be more precise, dark dark nut, but I like to think that it is black), straight to the shoulder blades, not curled at all.
The muzzle of the face is long, oval-elongated, the eyebrows are thin, slightly frowned, the eyes are large, real green, the nose with a very smooth deflection inward, slightly upturned, but not with the tip, not snub-nosed.

Lips bulging, I even threw one about Botox.
Breast, too, for some reason, with huge nipples, like a mature mother.
Ears of some non-humanoid form.
However, all together it looks pretty nice.
In short, Liv Tyler, second edition, enlarged.
Who saw her, he saw me.
She is only a little taller, and my face is not as cold as hers.
And she has a beautiful forehead, I have some kind of strange.
Although I know that I am beautiful.
Too much.
I know, but it almost does not make me happy.
Everyone says to me: you are a great dancer, but you could do nothing.
With your external data.
(What words, computer: External Data) Could simply exist, or there model, and would have everything.
And I do not want so.
I want to conquer not with beauty, but with talent.
And I believe that Master saw in me a talent, and not just a beautiful face and boobs.
By the way, when I undressed for consultations, there was almost no shame.
But I have not undressed before anyone.
“It’s good that you don’t shave the hair around the vagina,” He said.
“He needed to see my body, and he saw it.

Five and a half hours without a break, without a tiny rest even.
Oh, I’m a fanatic – and that.
And he is like a cucumber.
Sorry, my little diary, but I can’t write about it.
Not enough words.
I now so powerfully want to live and dance, and work, work, work, to become like him, or at least come close, and I do not want to rest, do not want to ever sleep, only my body is dead, can not stand, lags behind soul, and I want to throw it in the trash, even though it is beautiful.
I even danced in a dream when I came into the room and got chopped off, and now I will be bored to sleep, I will want to wake up as soon as possible and try what he showed, and dance, dance.
nicole21x bongacams