outdoor sex hidden cam Neither I nor she remembered, did not say a word.
In sex, Irinka refused anal sex, simply did not let her change her ass, she only took me in a condom with melon flavor.
The impression that we just “threw out” those events from our lives.
But this was not the case.

The first “call” was that I accidentally found processed photos from my mobile and her Moscow “adventures” on my computer in the Irinkina folder.
And she watched them regularly.
I looked at myself – I was already shuddered – wasn’t it me? With a dick in your mouth? Is this a dick in my ass? And this is my Irinka have? Does she suck? In her ass included? And why it does not disturb me, but on the contrary – excites me? The second “bell” was that now, when she asks me to caress her tongue, she arranges to see the “process”.
I accidentally noticed this when I squinted my eyes and caught her attentive burning look in the mirror.
It all began when once we lay after rough sex.
We drank a lot of nutmeg again.

Irinka somehow gently and lazily stroked my back.
Lower down the back.
Between the buttocks, to the scrotum, penis and back.
I felt that it was starting up again, and I myself would be ready again in 15-20 minutes.
– You know, I just can not imagine what you put in there.
– She said and quietly poked me in the anus.
I jerked like a shock.
“After all, he is quite fat” – with two fingers of the other hand behind the head – “And there” – again with my finger in the ass.
– “He is such and there.”
“- and again gestures are repeated.
Shakes me, cock is worth it.
I look up – she has an excited and crazy gleam in her eyes. busty young webcam
– You know, dear, I would like to see how HE enters you THERE.
– continuing to caress she says.
– You took off the pictures from the mobile, look at your computer – who’s stopping? – I answer and want to draw her to me.
“No, no, wait,” she says, “remove your hands for now.”
You know, it turns out, I have never seen your face, eyes, when you finish.

Could not reflect.
She licks two fingers and gently inserts me into the back hole, the other hand continues to gently jerk off to me.
I will not describe my feelings – it is important WHAT exactly she said.
– Do you like? – whispers Irinka, – Like it ?! – M.
“And when HE was in your mouth,” he kisses me, “how are you?”
? What have you been doing? What did you feel? When I was holding the tongue on the head, she twitched so funny.
?! – No, no, I want to talk about it.
It turns me on like this.
I like it so.
What my boyfriend had in his mouth.
– she gasps, her eyes sparkle, – I kiss him and think about the fact that he was finished in the mouth.
“But I kiss you, too, although you, too, have been poured sperm into your mouth.
– I say.
– No, no, this is not it! After all, I am a girl and with me it is supposed to do that And in the mouth.
And in the ass to fight.
If you do not like, so force to force! You did not force.
I’m trying to seize the initiative, but it alienates me.

“No, no, please, not now.”
Hands off.
I want myself.
I want to do with you what I want.
Dear, my dear, fucked like a girl, my dear! And when you in the ass.
Did he fully enter? And moving back and forth? Did it hurt? First, yes? And then nice? Oh !, me too.
And did you like it when it comes in all the way and the testicles slam so funny on the bottom? Yeah me too.
How did you get started? Did you first take it in your mouth? Did he close his eyes? I myself was so disgusted at first – I would be fucking in my mouth! And then it became fun! At first, I just wanted to lip, and my ears and planted so cool! – all avidly, with aspiration, the text does not convey.
I omit my words, my feelings.
She gave me a pretty hard jerk off, and my fingers were still in the bottom – the effect was.
Later, I first thought that she behaved this way because of the uncomfortable experiences of that Moscow trip, only when everything further happened, it became clear that she was preparing me, though not fully aware of her desires, for what would happen later.

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