recent teens anal webcam records of 2020 It’s really embarrassing to wet your pants at that age, ”said another,“ I taught my pot to my pot in two years.
Sue sat down on one of the benches and began to tell everyone about my punishment.
That’s right, ”one of the moms nodded.“ If she wets and socks the pants, she must wear diapers.
Now Tommy is in training panties, ”said Sue,“ The pot training is in full swing.

And How? – sarcastically asked another woman.
So far, with mixed success, ”my nanny replied,“ In a little way, she still walks, and refuses to go to the pot.
Almost half an hour before the walk persuaded to go in a big way – and no way.
Such a big child should already do everything himself, – said a young woman sitting next to Sue, – Without coaxing.
Yes, how big it is, – Sue grinned, – You should have seen what kind of fountain he made today, when I smeared it between the legs with baby oil before putting on the diaper.
Yeah, scribbled up, lying on the back, – confirmed Ashley, – As a one year old.

I present this picture, – one of the moms laughed and after it all the others.
You will not get bored with that, – another sighed.
Listening to laughing moms, I wanted to fall under the ground with shame.
What are you standing here? – turned to me Sue, – Go play.
Climb the ladders, hang on the rings, eat from the slide.
Have we come to this site in vain? I do not want – I said embarrassed.
No “I do not want”! – cut off Sue, – Boys of your age need to do more active outdoor games.
Sue turned to her friends.
Take over Tommy patronage, girls, – she asked, – And I’ll sit on a bench. recent teens anal webcam records of 2020
So from his stubbornness tired.
Vicky took my hand and led me to one of the stairs.
Come on, climb the ladder upstairs, – she said, – Well? See what kids climb the ladder.
And you’re eight years old, afraid of heights.
I was afraid of something completely different – to crap one’s pants, but shame did not allow me to admit it.
What a coward, – smiled Ashley, – Come on, I’ll help you.

Put your foot on this crossbar.
The urge on the large was so strong that I barely lifted my right leg, I could not stand it and began to crap loudly.
Sue! – Vicki’s laughing voice rang out behind my back, – Your boy crap one’s pants! All red with shame, I continued to crap in panties.
I wanted to warn you, – one of the young mothers laughed behind me.
And really walked so stiffly, as if about to crap one’s pants, another agreed with her.
Turning carefully at the women discussing me, I blushed even more from their indulgent smiles.
I knew that your stubbornness would end with this, ”Sue grumbled, getting up from the bench and heading towards me.“ Why didn’t you go to the pot at home when you were asked about it? ” Pursued by another strong urge, I looked down in embarrassment and finally giving up, began to write, feeling how characteristic heat quickly spread between my legs.
Unlike the diaper, it was just awful to stand in wet and dirty training shorts.

“That’s why they turn out,” I thought, “So that it would be unpleasant to write and crap under me.”
It was necessary to crap oneself in such a way, Sue shook her head disapprovingly.
And described as! – added Ashley – Already training panties began to leak.
They are clearly not designed for this.
So Tommy, ”Sue said sternly,“ You’re walking 10 minutes wet. ”
In punishment for not asking for a pot.
I kept silent, barely holding back so as not to cry from humiliation and bitter resentment.
frozen? – Sue addressed me, – Come on, keep playing.
Climb up the ladder and go with one of the three slides.
In this form? – Vicky giggled.
What? – my nanny did not let up, – Do you want to ride down the hills? Sue looked around and suddenly looked at the children’s bicycle standing at the edge of the playground with added wheels.
Whose bike is it, Vanessa? – she turned to one of the moms sitting on the bench, – I saw your little tot go for a drive.
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