russian chat webcam I was on top, you caressed my chest, while I moved up and down, up and down on your penis.
You were excited, as it seemed to me then, even more than the first time.
Then you pulled me close and stood up.
I wrapped your legs around you, you walked up to the wall, pressed me to her and started to move, it was ours with you first in standing up sex.

I was afraid that it was hard for you, but I could not ask about it, the pleasure was too great.
Then we went back to the sofa and gave a rough sex.
Remembering our sex with you, I blush and feel that I miss you.
Not enough of your kisses, hugs.
Such as you, kind, sensitive and at the same time wild and passionate is no more.
And I fell in love with you to unconsciousness.
You are my unstoppable in sex and caring in life, beloved person.
I want to talk about one of my novel with a very interesting and sexy man.
His name is Dima, 29 years old, short brown-haired with extraordinarily beautiful green eyes.

My name is Lina, a slender 22-year-old girl with long light brown hair.
We met at the same company, my friend worked there, I went to her, she introduced me to Dmitry.
I will never forget how he looked at me with his languid gaze of narrowed eyes, pleasant manners, a courageous physique, a strong-willed chin, and, moreover, Scorpio on the sign of the zodiac – the most temperamental and passionate sign.
Since then, I began to visit my friend at that firm more often until I hinted to him that I liked him and left my phone number. osprey webcam montana
When I was young, I graduated from art school, so I decided to draw a portrait of him in memory and sent it by mail.
Dima called, thanked for the portrait and offered to meet.
There was a heavy downpour, we rode through the night city, the solid wall of rain almost drowned out our conversation.
Silent music, I physically felt him warmly, admired the beautiful hands of an aristocratic form, I imagined how his tender fingers stroked and penetrate me.

We sat in a cafe, then went to his house.
Lina, you famously painted my portrait, I would not have thought that such a charming girl, also an artist, – he said.
You have perfect features, I was very pleased to do this.
Dima filled glasses with champagne: Let’s drink for a pleasant acquaintance and that this meeting was not the last.
This meeting really was not the last night without sleep stunning sex.
Once again, gathering to him, I wore black underwear and black stockings, high-heeled boots, a transparent beige blouse and a silk scarf.
Dima opened the door, and I immediately rushed to hug him, inhaling his unique and so exciting smell, which resembled the smell of ripe plums and summer herbs.
We drank, Dima put the slow music and pulled me to a slow dance, his forehead pressed to my forehead.
Linochka, dance strip for me.
But I do not really know how.
You can do it, – he answered and took out a video camera, sat down in a chair.

I started to slowly take off my skirt, stroking my legs, then pulled off my panties, took my scarf, stretched it between my legs and started to drive it over my crotch.
The scarf clung to the hairs on my pubic hair, I took off my blouse, my bra and started pulling my nipples, stroking my neck and shoulders.
Then she sat on Dima from above, swaying, as if imitating sexual intercourse.
I only have stockings and garters, I begin to rub the crotch on his knee, on his trousers there is a trace of my moisture.
With a scarf, I tie his hands behind his back and kneel in front of him, slowly unbuttoning his pants.
I take his penis into my mouth, moistening profusely with my saliva, my lips are tightly compressed on the head, tongue, at first gently, then intensively slides over the bridle, holding it at the base of the penis, squeezing it.
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