webcam zp ua “I see you love sex,” he said, “in particular, extreme.
So maybe we will deal with them in three: you, your husband and me? ”From such a revelation I did not know what to say to me.
On the one hand, I wanted this, and my husband and I often fantasized about it, but in reality, we could go and have sex with someone other than the husband.
I replied that I needed to talk to my husband.

Oleg and I (as he was called) returned to Lesha’s table and Oleg offered him his idea.
To my surprise, he immediately agreed.
So we went to the hotel.
In the room we drank a little more.
Oleg and Lyosha sat near me and touched my legs in stockings, pulled up my dress so that my panties were visible.
Oleg began to push my legs, push her panties to the side and touch the pussy with my finger.

Lyosha freed my breasts from the dress and sucked the nipples in my mouth.
I could not resist and finished.
Suck with us, ”said the husband. webcam zp ua
They lowered their pants and got excited hui.
I took one dick in one hand, another in the other, and began taking turns to lick them.
I did it slowly, with pleasure, took in my mouth one cock, then another.
Then she licked their testicles, sucked them, and huy jerked her hands.
“Become a cancer, bitch,” said Oleg, but rather ordered, rather than simply said.
I became a cancer and he began to lick my twat.
He did it so greedily that with every movement I became more and more wet.
The husband at this time put his dick in my mouth and said: “Suck, baby! Suck my bitch! You wanted two to fuck you.
“Oleg at this time put his dick in my pussy and tore me like a whore.

Looks like my husband started it.
He held my head with his cock in his mouth and watched another man fuck me.
“Fuck her, my bitch!” He said.
Meanwhile, Oleg already fucked my anus, then inserting, then taking out his dick.
“Such holes, bitch, you need to fuck every day !!!” Then Oleg’s dick was in my mouth and I felt on my lips a taste of mixing it and my lubricant.
Meanwhile, the husband fucked me alternately in the anus, then in the pussy.
Then they laid me out on the bed and started to fuck me in two holes.
I came from a few of their movements.
Oleg and Alex wanted to finish on my face at the same time.
I squatted down, and they began to masturbate the dicks in front of my face.
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