amateur webcam public Igor, who was in charge of their company, after another toast on lemonade, said: – Alyosha, you are already such an adult, and we have a real adult gift for you.
With these words, he suddenly pulled a bottle of wine from somewhere and set it on the table.
– Parents do not allow me to drink alcohol yet! – Alesha, brought up in rather strict traditions, was slightly embarrassed.
– Well, because they do not know.

– Igor smiled, pouring sparkling liquid into glasses. jb teen webcam
– Let our evening be held under this motto: no one will know anything! We will not tell anyone, honestly.
Drinking from Alyosha was pleasantly dizzy, everything around him became even more joyful and cheerful, and his older friends were so sweet! ”“ Well? – Asked Artem.
– I liked it very much.
– Said Alyosha.
– You see! You are already quite mature.
Suddenly, a new idea dawned on Igor: “Let us, at the table, let us play a wedding!” “How is that? – the boys were surprised.
– Yes, as children play the bride and groom? Alyosha, you are the youngest, come on, you will be a bride. amateur webcam public