incest webcam show The surgeon finished his dirty deed.
Darned my body.
My naked body was put on a gurney and taken to the ward.
The doctor sneaked: – Now decide now who you are: a Jew or a Muslim.

I thought: “Better is a Jew: I will be richer!”
Two months of terrible torment.

Total abstinence and suppression of their desires.
Any erection like torture.
Bandaging, dressing, ointment and little green.
Plaque fly
Fucked up! Now I look at my penis and think.
How beautiful he was before.
And now even the girls ashamed to show.
Two scars, a mark on the head.

Everything was ready for the experiment.
The chemical composition of the gel is refined, the equipment is debugged, laboratory experiments on mice and dogs are conducted.
One hundred percent result was obtained: mice and dogs became invisible for 6-7 hours. incest webcam show
It remains to conduct an experiment on a person.
Who will be tested? Of course, he, the inventor, the future man is invisible.
You can not test the gel and the device on the other person, suddenly – allergic reactions, inflammation, death?

And suddenly, for example, from the gel and stay in the field of the apparatus member will grow incredibly? Here is such a unit! Or completely fall off? How can a person live without this thing? Boring No, only experience yourself! It is necessary to do everything during working hours in order to leave the laboratory by the security guard, to make an experiment and have time to go back.
The inventor since childhood did not like this program.
After her he was forced to drink warm milk and go to bed, sleep.
But in the evening there were still very interesting things in the apartment! For example, a grandfather and grandmother watched the Time program every day with unrelenting interest.
It seemed to the boy that the grandfather with the woman would not look at nonsense.
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