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Lika arrived unexpectedly.
I just healed the love wounds that Tim had inflicted on me.

The horn call sound at the gate of the house announced a new round of my summer adventures.
I didn’t recognize Lika.

The strict black suit of the business woman, the glasses, the styled hair, nothing resembled that cheerful girl I met recently.
Despite the rigor of the suit, he was elegant.
I do not understand fashion, and even in women and even more so.
Nama opinion, clothing should be comfortable, not hamper the movement and most importantly, should be to the face and to the place.
In Lika, the suit, of course, was walking; he did not emphasize his figure, he only hinted that she had it. teen webcam sex movies
The clothes of a business woman dressed according to the principle, nothing should point to my feminine weaknesses, read charms.
Critically looking around my home and finding nothing suspicious, Lika smiled charmingly.
As the hostess, coming home from work, went home to change clothes.

Knee-length breeches changed their business attire.
– What’s for dinner? She asked, busily.
“Now be it, let’s figure it out,” I replied.
While I set the table, Lika was examining the stove.
– Acts? – Even as I can not warm a lot for the night.
– Did you sleep on the stove? – asked Lika.
“That’s what I do in your absence,” I replied in a joking tone.
“So I’m sleeping on the stove, and you’re on the bed,” she concluded.
I said nothing, arguing with a woman is useless.
We had dinner and went for a walk to the lake.
Lika grabbed a towel, said she would swim.
My refusal was received with a condescending smile.
On the lake, Lika sternly told me: “While I undress and enter the water, do not look at me!” “It hurts,” I told her, offended in her voice.
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