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Here is how it was.
I kept silent.

– Lena.
– Houses.
for what.
because I love you so much.
aunt Helen.
do not.
“Move,” Sveta ordered.
– Yes mom.
– Yes mom.

Then she lay on her side with her back to me.
Come on, Lena.
Well, stop it, stop it! I can not do it anymore.
She already begged.
– You also like tights, I especially wore a hole for you.
Yes, this is so, between the legs was a wonderful little hole.
For several days, I ask her to bring me my tights.
She had to go to them for several days.
It is impossible to convey this smell.
It is necessary to close your eyes and breathe deeply.
The smell of the vagina, mixed with the smell of linen, nylon and sweat.
Surely, you understand what I mean.
I always liked women’s feet.
Well, maybe not always, but I can not remember when I kissed the fingers on the legs for the first time, I got pleasure from it.
Some may misunderstand me.
After all, some will say, kissing fingers is a normal erotic game. dildo teen webcam video
Others will say it is impossible! The third is just disgusting.
I have heard it many times from both women and men.

It is terrible when a woman with beautiful feet hides them, and, at times, gets offended.
It is difficult to explain what you want.
But sometimes it still seems that, calling you a pervert, they have a special pleasure.
The pleasure of unusual.
Answering “some”, I will say – there are very few women with beautiful legs (in this case, for me, legs are feet).
I can not afford to caress the legs of four women out of five.
They should really like.
And I found THEM.
Their owner was and is, fortunately Arina.
I wrote about her in the story “The Story of Life.
Briefly recall.
A young married woman, damn beautiful, independent, is engaged in business.
I am a married man of 34 years.
After reading the previous story, I asked to call her Dasha, she liked this name since childhood.
What I will do.
I want to describe our last meeting.
It was in the middle of March 2002 in Moscow.
Recently, we met after work.

She always needed to go home by 10:00 pm (imagine what I think of her husband).
I usually picked it up near the office, and we drove around the Moscow Ring Road.
Turned on the highway, and not far away, stopped.
Moved to the back seat.
Fortunately, in the Passat behind is full of space.
Weasels, kisses, sex (I will tell about this in another story).
We did almost everything as the car allowed.
But this “almost” always wanted to remove.
On this day, she ran away from work.
I took her and we went to the hotel.
Sometimes we did it, but after the hotel there is always an unpleasant aftertaste.
There is nothing to do, I had to go again.
I rented a room.
We entered, sat down.
I feel if you do nothing at once, she will run away.
I undressed, took off her jacket and we went to bed.
Consciously describes everything in such detail.
Surely you find yourself in a similar situation and understand me.

Dasha has excellent long legs.
She is tall, and even for her height she has very long legs.
Upstairs pizdenka covered with black soft hairs, just moving on the thighs.
And from the bottom, these wonderful legs turn into chiseled feet of 37-38 size with thin, even, well-groomed and long fingers, at the end of which are red marigolds.
She always has well-groomed legs.
Pubic hair and armpits, I myself asked her not to shave.
It’s such a thrill when all your women are shaved or trimmed, like my wife’s, pubes, and you can finally drown in nice-smelling vegetation.
Contrast is a great thing.
And here she lies before me.
So beautiful and angry.
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