big nipples webcam I didn’t see my face and eyes, but noticed that she licks Vika and swallows her juices.
I lay down next to my wife and looked at what was happening.
Igor moved in it a couple of times.
Then he pulled his dick out of it entirely.

Raised her ass and put her cock in the vagina.
Irina groaned.
I thought about it, but he didn’t wear a rubber band.
although with a rubber band it would be much more painful.
Having made a couple of movements in her vagina, he pressed her back against the ottoman and quickly, like a butter, put a dick in her ass.
– Everything, I entered completely, you can let her go! – he said.
Vika, without much joy, let go of Irina’s head.
Irina was still lying buried in her groin.
“Er, now you need to synchronously move with my husband to get on Sergey,” said Vika.
The wife did not answer, but tried to rise.
Vika and I helped her.
In the end, by joint efforts, she stood on all fours above me.
I saw how hard it was for her.
And in my heart felt sorry for her.

But the thought that now I will insert my dick into her, and we and Igor will fuck her together in both holes, quickly banished all thoughts.
I hugged her by the shoulders, and tried to insert my dick into her.
Alas, he only rested on the lips of the vagina, and slipped out.
Vika, noticing that I was unable to insert my dick into her, I found him with my hand, then she sent him into Irina’s vlagishche and not letting me slip out, she said: “Igor, gently go down with her.”
Now he will enter it.
I felt like my cock rested in something soft and tight, and overcoming the resistance of the vaginal walls began to sink into my wife.
Irina moaned softly.
Vika, leaning in her ear, whispered something to her affectionately.
When I was planted like a butterfly on two members, it hurt.
Excitement passed.
Hearing the soothing words of Vika, I almost answered her evil: “I will look at you in the same situation.” blonde teen webcam tube
And then Vika punished me.
She grabbed the nipples of my breasts with her fingers and squeezed them tightly.

Chest pain eclipsed the pain in the ass and I instantly sank to my husband.
Now I was tightly impaled on two members.
Slowly the pain went away, and I felt the breath on my cheek and the tender kisses of Vicki.
Opening my eyes, I smiled gratefully at her.
The men did not move for a while, holding me between their bodies.
Then Igor cautiously began to move.
When I entered completely into Irina, my penis was firmly inserted into her, a memory flashed in my head: “the same feeling as the first time.”
According to Irina, I saw that the pain was gone.
She did not close her eyes to Vika, who whispered something to her and kissed her.
And then my dick became free.
This Igor began to move a little in Irina.
Then he felt cramped again, and I realized that Igor had entered it again.
I did not want to move, but it was not necessary.
The walls of the vagina then tightly squeezed my dick, when Igor entered Irina, they gave him freedom, when he moved out of it.
I heard his wife’s quickened, excited breath.

Immediately, Vickin’s hands slipped between me and Irina and again, thrifty, seized her breast.
I raised my arms, trying to hug both women and cuddle them.
Left hand, slipped on Igor’s chest and sank on his wife’s back.
But the right, was between the legs of Vicki, and literally immediately palm came across the lips of her vagina.
Vika was wet with excitement and willingly substituted herself for my fingers, which immediately entered her and began to live their own life.
Meanwhile, Igor already without stopping fucked Irina in the ass, and according to his frequent breathing, it was felt that he would soon finish.
The wife is actively, as far as the situation has allowed, was waving to him.
Her eyes were closed, moans flowed from her limply parted lips, and a trickle of saliva flowed from the corner of her lips.
After another couple of minutes, I felt a convulsive contraction of Irina’s vaginal muscles in my dick, and in the next dive Igor began to stop.

Irina’s head lay limply on my chest, her head dangling under the blows of a member of Igor in her ass.
Vika leaving Irina looked now at her husband, then at me.
Then she leaned toward me and kissed me in a hickey.
At that moment, Igor shuddered, and with a low moan, he pressed himself against Irina’s back, and pressing me to the couch began to cum.
When it was over, Vika looked up from my lips and said: “Well, guys, you are great! I was sure that it was impossible for a woman to end in such a situation! Then we lay for a while sandwich, not moving.
And then Irina quietly whispered: “free me from myself.”
Igor and I carefully left it.
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