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How to be? I was ready for any casualties, just to keep the baby with me.
Just to be able to love and care for him, to give him joy and participation, his passion and protection.
But do they need him? And even if needed, will it last long? How many months or years will this holiday last, this flood of feelings at Sparrow? How long will he be able to love an aging and graying shaggy peasant, when there are so many young and handsome guys who are bursting with youthful sex appeal? How to make, convince yourself that among them there is no your happiness? How could he or even myself at his age be able to convince myself that with this man you would be like a stone wall for many years? The heart and the soul were striving for him recklessly.

Reason with a sharp scalpel of life experience put its disappointing sentence. indian big boobs webcam

Not being able to put up with him, not wanting to accept his evidence, I once again recalled my life, as if trying to find in it at least some hint of salvation.

I remembered a lot – the father, the first adolescent experiences and disappointments, the army with its turbulent, numerous and varied adventures.
I remember the funny and not very post-war years.
Friends of the flight school, marriage, bad, but very long and painful her experience.
An unexpected and prosperous meeting with a friend from school, thanks to which I gained both reliable work and capital, and a new lover from those about whom one can only dream.
The pain in my heart ached from the memories of his tragic loss.
Oh, and brought me to the memory in such jungle !.
He barely escaped from the tenacious embraces of memories, only being disturbed by interfering, but little noticeable discomfort.
He awoke from the dampness penetrating the body, standing completely naked at the dark window.
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