chubby solo webcam Approaching the captives, she slowly began to walk along the row examining them.
After passing by them several times she returned to her throne.
Two dark elf Kerara and Reina, as well as Sibyl standing next to the captives, standing beside the advisers, noticed that the usually impassive face of the Goddess had a thoughtful expression.
Leaning back in her throne, Shilen tried to understand why just looking at the captives, only one bright elf immediately caught her eye.

Yes, perhaps it was because, she had no fear in her eyes, there were no emotions in them at all, as if her eyes were glass hollows.
But despite this she was a true beauty, yes the Goddess saw and possessed many beautiful girls, but they had never caused such emotions in her.
Well, I solved this riddle, Shilen decided, she would become my personal slave, despite the effect produced, she would soon get tired of me like everyone else.
So, it will be decided to be my slave, and the rest of the oracles will go for the ritual.

With a flick of the wrist, she called the adviser to Rhine, when she approached Shilen told her to bend down and began to whisper something in her ear.
Moving away from the Goddess, the Rhine approached the guards who were guarding the captives and pointed at Falea. go thassos webcam Take this to the Goddess’s apartments and hand her over to the personal assistants of the Goddess Shilen, and take the rest to the temple to mentor Velde, ”she said.
Two guards who took Faley under their elbows, led her to the exit of their hall in order to take her to Shilen’s apartment, the rest of the oracles under escort, along with Sybil, also turned around and went to the temple. chubby solo webcam
Coming out of the door of the hall, their paths diverged, the captives looked anxiously in the back of the retreating Fala.
What will happen to her? Why are they stripped? Will they ever see again? All these questions arose in the heads of the light elves, but there were no answers to these questions.

Chapter 10: Shilen and Falea Strazhnitsy brought Faley to the rest of the Goddess. hp software for webcam One of Shilen’s assistants opened the door for them, her name was Ilian. best webcam orgasm She took Faley by the hand and led her inside the room.
It was a small living room with various sofas and tables, passing it, they entered a long corridor.
Falea walked resignedly, led by a dark elf.
She did not know what was waiting for her, but she did not care.
After the incident, she could not come to her senses, the pain was almost gone, but my heart was disgusting.
Their mentor sometimes told them about the intercourse of two lovers, in her mouth it was wonderful, but reality cruelly denied everything.
Finally, reaching the end of the corridor, the maid of the goddess opened the door, and they found themselves in a spacious bathroom, in the middle was a huge pool with hot water from which the wonderful smell of forest herbs rose.
Three naked dark elves were sitting with their backs to Falée and her companion in the pool.

Hey, you are lazy to work quickly, otherwise you just have to laze, – Iliana shouted, But the dark elves didn’t even twitch, only one said in a sleepy voice, – Illy doesn’t nudi too late and we have a rest, in the morning all that is needed and will be done right away.
Well, quickly for the work, nahalki, I brought a new slave for our Goddess, she needs to be washed and cooked for the night with our mistress, ”Iliana said in a more menacing voice.
The girls quickly jumped into the pool and turned around and began looking at Falea with interest, while Iliana began to undress the blonde elf, removing all her clothes she undressed herself and took Faley to the pool.
Other maidservants, taking Faley by the arms, slowly plunged her body into hot water.
God Falea could not have imagined that an ordinary bath could be such a pleasure, she washed the last time a week ago in her homeland.
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