mmiissiiss1 webcam bc solo show 3 All right, we’ll be there at five.
– Add up the phone, I added to my wife – There is no way back.
– You are just a hero to me! – she hugged and gently kissed me.
We still bathed a little, then took a shower.

I thoroughly shaved, knowing how much the men’s smooth cheeks like men cunnigus like, and my wife asked me to shave her pussy.
I worked on it for about forty minutes, trying not to hurt her or anything, and at the same time make her pubis completely smooth, leaving an elegant triangle of her red hair on it.
Under light summer shirt and shorts, I put on my swimming trunks, which my wife thought were very sexy, and my wife, under a short skirt and a tight top, her new colorful swimsuit, with panties of such size that she was still afraid to put them on the beach.
On her long and slender legs, she wore beautiful sandals on a long heel of transparent plastic.
We arrived at the specified intersection and began to wait.
Leonid appeared on his big Mercedes at exactly the specified time, and, asking to follow him, drove ahead, pointing the way.

Having traveled about twenty kilometers, we turned into a forest along a narrow road.
He was pretty thick.
In the forest we drove about two kilometers.
Having left on the lit glade, we saw the big house with a high fence.
On the ground in front of the house stood a large number of fairly expensive cars.
The released mistress greeted us with a smile.
– Everyone has already gathered.
We are waiting only for you.
Come on in.
She led us into the living room, where a large number of very beautiful and sexually dressed people, about our age, had already gathered. oksuhaa bongacams
They sat and stood, they drank champagne and talked, they joked and laughed.
Looking around the room, I saw many pairs of eyes looking at us with interest and good nature.
One of the women, imperceptibly to everyone, sent me a kiss and winked.
– Attention please! I want to introduce you to our newcomers.
Remember, they are the first time today, and help them.
Hope you like them.
– Calling our names, Katya said that we will meet the others in the process.
– I already like them.
– cried out a young guy.

And a few people laughed.
“Well, gentlemen,” Katya continued, “why waste time?” Let’s go to our field and indulge in our favorite activity.
The guests started to leave the living room noisily.
Someone went into the yard, someone began to disperse into the rooms.
Katya asked us to follow her.
She took us to a room on the second floor.
Having entered, we saw a small room with a large bed in the middle.
– Here you can change clothes and put yourself in the look you need.
Well, for example, dress sexy, or make up.
You can just take it as your room and leave your things here, although no one steals from us.
I think you saw what kind of public we have? Or, for example, you can relieve sexual tension here if you cannot do it with others.
– With others? – Inquiring said wife.
– We did not warn you yesterday.
We are not just a swing club.
At first we practiced solitude and mixing only couples, but then we realized that universal group sex was the best thing about sex.

You choose who you want at any time, you see how others do it.
You’ll love it, I’m sure.
Well? Do not be shy.
Get undressed.
You can first swimsuits, and then throw them off.
In short, I’m waiting for you in the yard.
When Kate came out, I, having told my wife that it did not frighten me, undressed, remaining in swimming trunks.
– There is no way back.
– The wife also threw off everything, remaining only in a bathing suit and sandals.
She knew that she looked very sexy in them, and did not take them off even during intercourse.
We went out into the yard, holding the handle like schoolchildren.
The courtyard was a vast area surrounded by a tall fence, so that from the outside nothing could be seen, except from a helicopter.
In the center of the site was a shallow pool with blue clear water.
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