webcam girl library From her wardrobe, I removed a few bras and panties that were to go with us.
Going to the kitchen, I brought out some black plastic trash bags.
In one of them I folded clothes and toys, and, tying the bag, put it near the door.
It is time to carry the girl to the car – in such a way that even a casual witness could not suspect anything.

I put the remaining bags into each other, and one of such twin bags pulled her over the knees up to the waist.
After that, he used the scotch tape and securely fixed the package in place.
– Now I will put a bag on your head and roll it with tape, as I did with your legs now.
If you lie still and do not make extra sounds, I will take off the bag and you will be able to breathe.
I will hear from you even the slightest squeak – I will throw it into the dumpster, and you will remain there as an ordinary bag of garbage.
The air you will end very quickly – much earlier than they find you.
if found at all.
I told her to nod if she understood everything, and she obeyed.

After that, I pulled the bag over her head and properly wrapped it with scotch tape – first, of course, spending a little scotch on her fingers so that she could not pick a hole.
Since her air supplies were now limited, it was time to carry her to the car.
It was the third hour of the night, and almost everyone in the hostel was supposed to sleep.
Picking it up, I left the main entrance – making sure I did not forget the keys to return.
Down the stairs, I headed for my car parked.
I realized that I had missed the important thing – how to explain the contents of my package.
In such a pose, she very weakly resembled a person, and I decided to say that these are accessories for tourism and that I do not want them to get wet.
Although now it did not play a big role, since I got to my rental car without the slightest adventure, and there was not a soul around. webcam girl library
I opened the trunk, put it inside and shoved it deep.
– We must return to your room for another package, I will be back soon.

“You will behave well — I will open the bag and you will be able to breathe,” I whispered.
Running back, I grabbed the bag, locked the door behind me and, upon returning, also put the bag in the trunk.
I saw that she was already beginning to lack air, and she was probably already sick of having to breathe her own fumes.
I stood there for about a minute, admiring my prey; I could not wait for the moment when I finally brought her to her new home.
Waking up from thought, I ripped the top bag and opened her head to access fresh air.
After closing the trunk, I got into the car and drove out of the parking lot.
On the way home, there was now only one stop.
Before coming to Amber, I found a car similar to the one I rented and changed their numbers.
This was in case of emergency waste – so that no one could contact the rental office and get my data.
Changing the numbers and successfully hiding from the chase, I only needed to change the numbers back – and everything remained sewn-covered.

Having finished with the numbers, I returned home.
I drove the car into the garage (I did not give the neighbors a chance to even see this car – in case someone decided to look for it on TV).
In the depths of my heart, something told me that I was paying too much attention to all of this – but when you commit a federal crime for which you are facing a life sentence, it’s better to look at it than to overlook it.
I returned to the trunk, took out a bag with clothes and toys, entered the house and carried the bag to the basement.
Then he took Amber and returned to the basement with her.
I took off her bags and the belt that secured the ankles to the belt.
I also removed the straps from her chest, elbows and knees, then removed the clamps from her nipples and removed the high collar.
– So it will be better, yes? I asked her, and she nodded.
It was already late, and although I was burning with the desire to fuck her tight, hot hole, it was necessary to prepare her for bed.

I had two whole weeks at my disposal.
I lifted her from the floor and carried her to the bed with an iron frame.
I took off her stilettos and lowered her panties.
She was wet just through – and, moreover, shaved bald.
I realized that this seems to be the fault of the vibrator – all this time he miraculously acted inside, carefully squeezing the juice out of it.
So I pulled it out, turned it off and threw it into the pile of other toys.
Following this, I freed one of her hands from the bracelet, quickly brought it to the head of the bed and chained her into handcuffs, which I placed in advance there.
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