webcam teen slave Olya turned, took a cigarette and sang what was left of it and casually threw it down, and then going up tight to me and rising on tiptoe, she was just below me, kissed my lips.
I was not mistaken, her lips were soft.
I allowed her to kiss myself, stood still, as if she was afraid to scare away the butterfly that I accidentally sat on my palm.
She clung to me, wrapped her neck and literally dug into the lips.

About felt her scent, her taste, her warmth, her hands and body, I felt her heart beating, I closed my eyes and hugged her.
A minute flew after a minute, I can not say how long we were so close to each other without opening our lips.
I studied her face with my fingers, she then cooled down, then dug into me again, her hands held my cheeks and pulled toward me, I yielded to her, as you give in to the rush of your beloved, she pressed against me, and I answered her reciprocation.
I myself wanted this, wanted to kiss her now, hug now, caress now, now undress and swallow her whole, without a trace, in me, something has awakened, toli greed, toli need, toli huge passion to get this abnormal sex.
I did not know what I wanted, I wanted everything at once.
With trembling fingers, tangling in the straps of her dress, I began to take them off her wide shoulders.

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She pressed herself closer to me, and then letting me go, but without ceasing to kiss, she began to help take off her dress.
Together we got entangled in these straps, she was nervous and tugging with her hands, then I hugged her and pressed her closer to me.
Her hand was still tugging at the fabric of the dress, trying to get rid of him, but I did not let go of her.
Olino wriggled her body, but I held, I looked at her point-blank and did not let go, suddenly she opened her eyes wide, they immediately narrowed as in a smile and closed again.
She kissed her once more, I relaxed my grip, and then easily took off my straps from her shoulders, Olga raised her hands, and the dress slipped on her hips.
She was without a bra, her soft breasts pressed against me, I pulled the fabric of the dress down, as much as the length of my arms allowed, and running my hand over her body from the waist and to the bottom, I realized that she was without heats, while she wore a dress on a naked body.
“It’s hot,” she whispered in a slightly shaky voice.
I squeezed my hands and pressed them to her chest, they were unusually soft, not believing my feelings, I squeezed it several times, bit my lip, Olya squeezed.
She stopped kissing me, stood a little tense and looked at me.

I felt embarrassed and I kissed her myself, firmly, as I could do it, but I didn’t remove my palms from her breasts.
– Want a cigarette? she whispered.
I nodded in agreement, and squeezing her body with my fingers, let go.
The dress fell from her to the floor, not paying attention to him, she stepped over him and went to her cosmetic bag, which also lay on the floor.
Lifting her, she pulled out a cigarette and handed it to me, her fingers trembled a little, I walked over to her, hugged her waist, pressed her to me and gently kissed her swollen lips.
The answer was shining smiles and huge sparkling eyes.
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