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the departure of the aircraft was delayed due to the increased nebula above the ocean.
I was significantly late.
There was no time even to call home to clean up.

I got into a taxi and instructed the driver to go straight to where he was now – my favorite man, whom I had to part two weeks because of my departure to Paris for business.
And now I’m already separated by a few minutes, a few meters to moments, in which I again find myself in his arms, for the warmth of which I missed every night in all these two long weeks in Paris.
I thought I thought.
Clamped in a trembling hand mirror of a powder case, I tried to somehow put wet and disheveled hair, to make up makeup.
Suddenly the chauffeur announced that we had already arrived.
This phrase struck me like in the autumn cold rain on the city, already accustomed to solar heat for the four months of summer.
I got out of the car and immediately saw a lot of stylishly dressed people, open umbrellas, brushed black cars.
At some second flashed, what can I do right now to turn around, catch a taxi and go home?

I’ll see him tomorrow.
but I knew how important my presence and support were at such responsible events as today.
When I entered the building, no one particularly paid attention to me, to which I was overjoyed.
There was a moment to slip into the ladies’ room and a little tidy up.
But before I could even make a couple of steps, he turned out of the hall opposite and immediately looked up at me.
He stopped for a few seconds, continuing to hold eye contact.
It seemed that he was just dumbfounded when he saw me with wet disheveled hair, a wet dress, quite tightly fitting my tired and sleepy body.
Immobilized, I just looked at him and waited for him to already get out of the stupor of the first impression and move.
Millions of different thoughts immediately swept through, but what if he had already fallen out of love with me during these two weeks? Or shy of all these people scurrying there in preparation for the show? What if he was just ashamed to come up and find his sympathy for me for others ??

I felt my eyes slowly filling with water, pouring over the banks of my heart, which is suffering at the moment in the vastness of the Universe with its bottomless eyes.
These few seconds turned into hours of waiting.
In all this internal hysteria, I did not even notice how he flew up to me and now I have him. cams sexy sites
In so passionately compressed and strong embraces of the beloved man.
All flights, hours, sleepless nights and phone calls – were on the ship, a point visible on the horizon.
He pulled me so tightly that I felt through the stratification of clothes how excitedly his chest rose and fell, as his graceful fingers sifted through my hair, his unshaven cheeks rub against the silky skin of my face.
She wore a dark-colored skirt, and the edge of the latter never rose above the knees.
A sweater, jumper or jacket is also dark.
Light opaque blouse without deep cuts and a mandatory bra.
Pantyhose did not like and wore only in the cold.
Instead, she wore simple flesh-colored stockings.
Well, accordingly, no strings and body.
On holidays it could be a dress with the same parameters.
Well, shoes with a wide low heel.
And, moreover, it should be noted that she did not wear cheap clothes.
All her clothes were either made to order, or were the work of famous couturiers.
But for some reason in her, she seemed to be a non-ordinary middle-level official.
In addition, the husband and several girlfriends, no one looking at her and had no idea what excellent, if not to say elite, forms are hiding under clothes.
But when she was told about this, Christina frowned, not taking what was said seriously.
Judge for yourself close to the ideal proportions of 92-62-90.
Tall, almost pendulous breasts of the fourth size, despite the fact that she fed all three children herself.
Slim stomach.
Well-defined waist, long legs, and all this with a height of seventy-five meter.
Stoically withstanding the trials that fell on her share, she nevertheless noticed more and more often how she was thrown into heat by the sight of young and full of strength men.

How her love for her husband is betrayed by the body itself, an incontinent test of abstinence
Several times she caught herself thinking about sex with a stranger, and she had to change her panties after that, as they got wet.
And then he appeared! Young specialist, system administrator.
In his presence, her hands began to tremble, her throat was dry, and goosebumps crawled over her body.
This, despite the fact that she actually did not communicate with him.
– Imagine that he will take you by the hand! – issued a subconscious, – or hug.
and kiss.
She trembled, but, gathering her strength, threw his image out of her head.
After standing up, she began to undress, hanging clothes in the closet.
She took off her bra and unbuttoned her stocking belt sat on the sofa.
And as soon as her hands touched her thighs, she pulled a soft nylon, she physically felt his hands.
Big strong hands stroking her legs.
As he embraces her and, kissing, caresses the supple body.
In the heat of these fantasies in the lower abdomen, her stomach ached sweetly, her breasts tightened, so that her nipples hurt, her bones clenched, and she felt herself getting wet underneath.
For the first time since her youth, her hand was pressed against the pubis, and the second clutched her chest.

Desires and lust flooded consciousness, sweeping away restrictions.
Even these light touches were enough for her to shudder and finish.
Perhaps she screamed, dropping her back on the couch while her body was beating spasms and convulsions of orgasm.
When she came to herself, and realized what had happened, she was overwhelmed with waves of shame.
His face was red, and his ears were burning with fire.
– What’s wrong with me? She thought.
– You need a man! – the subconscious mindfully prompted.
– Not! You can not do it this way!
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