dahliahx0 free webcam Irka stroked Gauhar’s knees through a thin pantalon cloth.
The young lady tried to twitch, for which she immediately received a biting blow to the face.
– Do not twitch! When the prisoner remained in one of the drawers, the bandits drove Gauhar into the hall and stretched her on the table.
At the same time, her arms and legs were tied to the legs of the table.

Julia, meanwhile, shook out women’s underwear from the shelves: on the carpet now lay lace and regular panties, bras, a few pairs of expensive and elegant thin pantaloons.
Julia picked up the snow-white lace panties and, loudly, stretched them: – This bitch knows a lot about lingerie! Irka went to the table, pushed these panties into the captive’s mouth, and stuck them with a plaster.
Then, slowly, I lit a cigarette and burned an extinguished cigarette to the thighs of the prisoner.

Gauhar pain arched all over.
– My dear! Does it hurt you? But this is only the beginning! But if you tell me where the money is, then I will not hurt you, ”Irka scoffed. dahliahx0 free webcam
The prisoner shook her head stubbornly.
And this refusal only infuriated the girls.
Gauhar recalled: “Apparently, my refusal, the bandit women strongly ruffled themselves.
They proceeded to torture.
One of the girls, it seems, her name is Ira, pulled pliers out of her bag.
And when she began to twist my nipples with these pliers, I arched from severe pain.
Then the pliers came to replace the pliers.
The second girl became tweezers to twist the skin on my hips, stomach.
Seeing that I did not confess, Ira began to lash me with all her strength with her hand over her cheeks.
My face burned, tears flooded him.

Ira turned on the iron that was standing on the ironing board, and when he, burning hot, was on my bare stomach, I almost lost my mind from the unbearable pain.
These little boys tortured me for more than an hour. ”
“It seems she really has no money.”
What we are going to do? – Julia turned to her leader.
“Okay, let’s take what we have and let’s go,” answered Irka sluggishly.
The bandits untied the captive.
Gauhar herself removed a plaster with panties from her mouth, got off the table and huddled into a corner.
– Well, that friend, we went! – Irka grinned and went into the corridor.
But in the hallway.
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