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So that pussy squished and squirted.
At the same time, I should not work with my feet, but with my ass.
Bending the lower back, lifting up his ass, and then up, falling to the member.

My slime runs down on the Master’s eggs, which I will carefully lick then.
Butt plug increases Member’s friction against the wall of the pussy and it just drives me crazy.
But I have to concentrate.
Now my goal is the Master’s orgasm.
I need to feel his approach, to refuel at the last moment a member deep down his throat to drain the sperm.
All the sperm of the Lord always goes into my mouth.
I’m never warned about ejaculation and I myself have to feel this moment with pussy or ochkom.
If I am mistaken – hard whipping with a cane.

But even after taking the sperm, I should not let the dick out of my mouth, but gently suck it until the Master’s urine flows into my mouth.
The penis slowly relaxes in my mouth, even after an orgasm, my testicles barely fit in my palm. hidden cam naked guys tumblr
I gently massage them, moving to the area leading to the anus.
Mister should be nice and comfortable to urinate in my mouth.
To do this, you need to relax all the tension in the crotch, which I am trying to do.
There is a lot of urine and I have to take it all up to the drop.
But this later.
And now assholes work without stopping.
Now serving the beautiful Dick Master with her sore, flowing pussy.
– He called a lot of superfluous words – Dasha said with a smile on his face – but there is no doubt that he could call any girl like that.

I ask the high court to strictly punish this type.
I am so frustrated with all this process – I almost finished my presentation by Dasha.
– We understand everything – summed up Veronika Vadimovna.
– The defendant’s guilt is proven, he even pleaded guilty with an excess.
The court is removed for a decision.
Darya Yurievna, I will ask you to wait in the corridor.
For the announcement of the sentence you will be invited.
Dasha opened the door and left.
Nobody locked the room with the key.
The girls leisurely passed by me into the next room to make a decision on my question.
The last to march was Victoria Maximovna.
She paused in front of me and thrust into the hands that Julia had already freed from handcuffs, a small key – This is the key of salvation – she slyly grinned and explained – I have some influence on the decision on your question among girls.

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