indian big boobs webcam Do with me what you want, beat me, strangle me, mock me at home.
Just give the “medicine”.
“Okay, old cow, we’ll see.”
And, come on, bitch, you, all the shit, that scattered the room itself and devour.

Come on, creature, time has gone! Sitting in the chair, the man lit up.
He watched with interest as his elderly mother, just recently, such a proud and independent woman, crawls in a pile of her own shit and eats it.
At first, the old woman vomited several times, but then, she, either sniffing or getting used to, began to poke her poo in the mouth one by one, licking the floor.
– Hey, bitch! – After releasing smoke, he called.
The elderly woman shuddered and lifted her face from the floor, smeared with feces.
His master, his slave, looked at the Master, the devoted eyes of the dog.
– Cleaner lick the floor, stupid cow! – Yes, Master.
– Answered the old woman dropping her head to the floor.

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The owner entered the room.
The sadist approached her and, taking her hair, threw back his head.
The elderly woman’s face, neck, and chest were smeared with dried feces, she smelled of shit and vomit, she breathed hoarsely, and there was fright in her eyes.
“Okay, bitch, let’s go to the bathroom.”
– Come on, the creature, wash yourself, wash up, wash the shirt and wait for me! – Yes, Master.
– Humbly, said the old woman, taking off her T-shirt.
A man entered the bathroom, his mother, naked, kneeling, was waiting for him.
– On, old cow, swallow! It’s time to wash your belly, bitch.
The old woman looked with horror at a piece of black rubber.
A slap in the face brought her to life.
“What the fuck do you want to be punished ?!” Swallow bitch! At the word “punished”, the old woman grabbed the hose with both hands and, closing her eyes, choking and choking with saliva, with hoarse moans, began to push it into her throat.
– Come on, come on, old slut, swallow!

Finally, in the hands of the woman was a rubber nozzle with a mouthpiece and belts.
She looked at the Boss.
– What are you staring at, cow, stuck in your mouth, bitch.
Quickly! Zastegnuv slaves at the nape, straps from the nozzle, the man took the other end of the hose with a metal nozzle.
– Look, grandma, now I will connect your belly to the water supply system, and you, old whore, will become a “tank”.
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