mutual masturbation on cam I stroked Lena on the back, pinched her ass, pushed the finger into her hole.
A deaf convulsive moan escaped from Lena’s chest, Igor did not let her catch her breath.
Suddenly it became hot in the room, a light smoke swept before my eyes and a sweat broke out.
Goosebumps were rising up my back, hips began to shrink and unclench sharply, it became hot in the lower abdomen.

True signs, so I lifted Lena over myself, so her ass hung in a pair of millimeters above my head.
Lena either had already finished, or was on the verge, too much grease was emitted from her, dropping down in small droplets, or flowing down her thighs.
I took a little pause for myself, I didn’t want to finish so quickly, I needed more.
But Igor didn’t hold out much, after a few seconds after my pause, he shivered, his face twisted into a grimace and.
Lena coughed convulsively, breathed heavily and with a dull pop Igor pulled out his penis, which very quickly shrunk in size, all glistening with moisture.

Lena obediently carefully licked the remnants of sperm from a member of Igor and breathing heavily, gaining strength.
Then, too, I began by lowering and raising her pelvis above myself.
I did it a few times and the orgasm again beat me through.
Without losing time, I got out of bed, pulled Lenino’s face to me and put my organ in her mouth so that nothing was wasted.
She made several sucking movements with her mouth, wrapped her tongue in her dick and I finished.
I’m hard off her, taking out all wet and shiny member.
Lena licked her lips, wiped the corners of her mouth and went to wash in the bathroom.
Her eyes were red, there were droplets of tears in the corners of her mouth, but her mouth was pretty smiling.
Yeah, Igor overdid it.
Igor lounged in his chair, drinking pomegranate juice from a glass, which he liked so much.
Yes, brother, great life has gone! I’m already glad that I got into this hospital. cyberlink webcam splitter 6 0
I have the same.
Sorry, Julia is now disabled.

I would love to fool around with it.
Do you have enough strength for Natasha? – I pinned it.
And what is not enough? I have a lot of strength, young and hot.
– He grinned.
Then Lena returned, naked standing in the doorway.
Our eyes immediately rushed at her, as if on cue.
Yes, boys, after that, and work in joy! – said Lena.
– It is a pity that you are not local.
But we still have time, – Igor answered her.
– Week and a half more.
And how is Julia? – I asked Lena.
Yes, it is disabled.
Today will not wake up? – I caught a faint hope in Igor’s voice.
Nah, just not anymore.
Well, then you alone will have to take the rap for your girlfriend, ”said Igor, getting up from his chair.
– There are two healthy guys, and you are alone.
I, too, was not enough, and even more so to Igor.
He needs something more than me.
Well, let’s give you another try in the hole, – said Igor.
Cream in my nightstand, – said Lena.
– White such, in a square jar.
here comes this.
– Igor put on the bed a square transparent jar with something.

It was half empty, and the walls were carefully assembled.
Why do they keep these creams? I silently watched as Igor lubricates his penis and Lena’s hole and as he carefully massages her little ring in front of the entrance.
Soon he got into her, I recognized it from the changed face of Lena, as she screamed and clenched her fists.
Gesture Igor invited me to join.
I responded instantly and already lay down on the bed.
Lena crawled up to me and sat on me with her flowing pussy.
Through a thin partition, I felt like Igor’s member was moving inside Lena, which added to this zest.
We synchronously moved in it, forward and back, forward and back.
I massaged her breasts, crumpled her right breast, left, took nipples in her mouth, in general tried to increase the pleasure.
I pulled Lena close to me, she pressed her chest against me, and I hugged her.
Lena was breathing hard in my neck.
Her hair was long, part of the hair covered my face, so I breathed in her the scent of her shampoo.

The hair was surprisingly soft and silky.
And then I felt something quite incredible.
Igor’s member penetrated Lena’s crack, squeezing hard into a small space.
I looked at Igor with amazement, but the one with the most stone face diligently squeezed his flesh further.
Lena turned her head and said.
I did not make out, but it was definitely not a curse word.
Sorry, bro, it’s just interesting for me to try it together.
– said Igor.
The small hole could not be stretched before, taking into itself at once two members that synchronously moved in it.
This, I hope, does not mean anything, that our members rub against each other?
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