nude cleaning mature women in webcam The large room in which I entered resembled a gynecological study rather than an examination room.
The gynecological chair, standing in the corner of the room, the instruments laid out in front of him, all spoke of the direction of this examination.
I undressed, as the doctor ordered, and lay down on the couch near the wall.
Inna, having lingered a little in the other room, came in and sat down beside her.

In general, the very atmosphere of this room was a little exciting, and my protruding nipples and hard member under my underwear did not escape Inna’s attentive gaze.
She accidentally touched her nipples while listening, and when she looked at her belly, she also seemed to have accidentally touched a dick a few times.
Mumbling something to herself and grinning meaningfully, she said that everything was so mean for me or something like that.
As well as looking at the tense term, I probably also weak to the same sexually.

The unexpected turn of events confused me a little, I said that if she wants, she can check it herself.
Not for a second, without blushing or thinking, apparently leading me in the right direction, Inna said that she would certainly check, but after further detailed examination of me.
Inna, pointing her hand at the chair in the corner, said that since she was going to examine my prostate, I should completely undress and be on all fours.
When I did what she wanted, Inna, wearing rubber gloves and armed with a spreader, started the survey. beauty women 77 private webcam
After massaging and feeling the prostate through the wall of the anus, Inna suggested that I normally sit in a chair.
Taking off her gloves, she asked me in the forehead how often I have sex.
Evasively replying that now I do not have a permanent girl, I tried to hide that, interrupting for the last year, I rarely engage in casual relationships and sex.
Humming meaningfully, Inna pulled out an iron ruler, put it to my already standing member.

The chill of the ruler attached to the head of the penis excited me even more.
Having measured the length and width of the penis, Inna measured my testicles and massaged them with her hand.
After that, taking a condom out of her pocket with a deft and apparently habitual movement, put it on my protruding penis.
A little jerking off my hand Inna moved into the middle of the room.
So that I did not miss a single detail, Inna lowered her panties and slowly lifted her skirt around the room.
Her smooth-shaved pubis and bright red labia provoke my passion even more.
Also, slowly and professionally, she crawled into my chair on my knees and, sending with one hand, my dick began to rub it about the entrance to her bosom.
Her vagina moisturized and released lubricant.
She was excited along with me.
Feeling that the entrance is wet enough Inna dropped on my dick.
After a couple of unforgettable minutes, I, having finished, having poured into Inna’s bosom, flew to the tops of an orgasm.

Inna is not satisfied, displeased, got off my limp member, saying that the diagnosis was confirmed and of course they will cure me, but I will have to suffer and suffer.
Pulling a small vibrator out of the drawer next to the desk next to her, she defiantly turned it on and stuffed it into her vagina.
The phallus disappeared completely in her bosom.
only a small cap betrayed it.
Pulling on the vibrator panty inserted into the pussy of the panties, Inna lowered her skirt and told me to get dressed and put the used condom next to me on the table.
to research my sperm in the lab.
Thinking over the words of Inna to “suffer” and “suffer”, I dressed and went after her to the office.
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