perfect booty webcam She was obviously glad that she had found a worthy partner in our godforsaken town! After the first joint orgasm, we gave each other a bunch of compliments and went to bathe together – from the heat, the sweat poured hail from us.
As usual after sex, pulled on the smoke.
Throwing a towel over my hips, I went out to the balcony.
On the adjacent adjacent, separated only by a railing and a narrow gap, a balcony, I noticed a quick movement out of the corner of my eye, a curtain flapping.

I knew it was a balcony by the Room Machine.
It was dark there.
There was no place to take the wind – the air was hot all day and still.
It was not hard to guess what was going on here – my pant and Yulina’s moans were perfectly audible on the adjacent balcony (yes, that there is a balcony – on the street too).
Few people (especially a fifteen-year-old girl) would have refused the temptation to listen to this free concert, the sound track to porn.
At first, I felt embarrassed, but then I thought that for my part the religious norms were observed – I was divorced for eight years already.
True, something about “don’t desire your neighbor’s wife.”
Although what he is my neighbor ?! Returning to the room, I in a low voice shared my observations with Julia and at the same time told about the family of Father Illarion.

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To my surprise, Julia listened with attention and, as it seemed to me, with tension.
I first interpreted him wrong: – You will have to plug your mouth with a pillow next time.
– And I will not think, – she was indignant, – I always shout! – And what to do? Julia was silent for a long time.
– Does she have a boyfriend? – Did not notice.
I think the father will not allow – she is a minor.
“You think she is a virgin?” “I didn’t check,” I joked, but Yulia was serious: “Let’s invite her here.”
– What for?! Julia was silent for a long time, biting her lips.
“We’ll break up anyway tomorrow.”
I don’t care what you think.
In short, I am.
I’m bisexual.
– So what? – I.
I love with a man and a woman at the same time.
At first I didn’t like this idea.
I am also not against sex with two women, but only if one of them is not the daughter of a priest, a virgin, and even a neighbor.
– And you want to lure her to us? “Not the word I want.”
“Okay, try it,” I said.
I was sure that she would fail, and the question would be settled by itself.
But Julia resolutely threw the dress over her naked body and went out onto the balcony.
“Hello,” I heard her voice.
– Hello.
– What’s your name? – Masha – Me Julia.
Why are you at home, not going for a walk?

Long pause.
– Where to go for a walk? – Well, I do not know, go to the disco.
Do you have discos in the city? – There is.
But dad won’t let me go.
– Why? – He says that there is sin, debauchery and drugs.
– What do you think yourself? – I do not know.
– You have a boyfriend? – Not.
– And it was not? – Not.
– Also dad does not allow? – Yes.
He says that up to eighteen years old, an Orthodox girl should not meet with men.
– Do you want? – Yes.
– quietly answered Masha.
“Have you heard what happened here?” Masha did not answer.
“You see,” Julia spoke ingratiatingly, “your neighbor and I liked each other and decided to give each other pleasure.”
And because of the heat opened the balcony door.
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