spy cam sex asian Sit down next.
Igor pulled up a chair.
The girl removed the stand with a bowl.
She brought and placed a small chair and a bucket in front of her.

Lena washed her hands, washed the woman’s breasts with a rag.

I put some cream on Irina’s hands and breasts.
Igor was enchanted, not taking his eyes off, looking at everything that was happening.
Lena sat on the chair.
Irina closed her eyes.
Soon it will be over.
This nightmare, this hell.
I am a woman! I’m not a cow! The girl approached her ear.
– Open your eyes, but it will hurt – she whispered.
Irina opened her eyes.
Angrily looked at Lena.
How she hated her! Lena smiled.
– Cows before milking need to say warm words – “explained” Elena to Igor.
– They like it.
The girl began to talk about milking cows. vita ray bongacams
Igor opened his mouth straight.
He wanted this, understood Irina.
Wanted to with his wife, as with an animal.
Lena rubbed the breasts of women, then nipples and began to milk.
Irina bit her lip.
So this moment has come.
The one that the woman saw on the site.
She is milked.

Cow 1481.
Her husband is happy.
And what is she? At first it was a little painful, but then.
she began to like.
And not only physically.
She masturbated by looking at it.
And she herself agreed.
And so it happened.
Milk dripped into a bucket, she’s on the machine.
Next to her husband, a girl unfamiliar to him, milks his wife.
Like a cow.
Irina bit her lip.
The cow, the cow.
lower abdomen went warm.
Irina groaned.
She flowed.
Yes, she will never leave this again, she is a cow.
And she is proud of it! Her look was different.
Fear and shame disappeared in it.
Lena understood this.
She pinched her nipple painfully.
The woman screamed.
– Coarse massaging of a nipple is useful to cows – the girl Igor lied.
He just nodded.
He was in another dimension.
Lena pinched the second nipple.
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