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Below, closely clinging to me, the child quietly snuffled.
Pricking in the muscles after exhausting tension gradually disappeared.

He took a nap and the nucleus abruptly awoke from horror that gripped consciousness.

But the truth is, a stupor of ecstasy would have lasted a little more and the guy would have suffocated! Well, you fucking give.
But how great it was! The memory rushed into the depths of the past, trying to find in it, something even remotely resembling what happened in power and intensity.
I tell you – for a long time she had to stir up the past.
Something similar, much less powerful, I experienced only twice.
For the first time it was with my, then still beloved, former.
I returned home from a long Khabarovsk business trip with a bunch of gifts (magnificent Chinese porcelain, caviar, rags, toys), incredibly bored with the warmth and comfort of home. hot blond webcam
My wife and little son literally hung in my arms.
It was a real celebration of the soul.
All subsequent night I loved her hot and fiery, and my root did not seem to be going to relax even briefly, stabbing and sticking, erupting time after time and continuing to rush forward.

Only at dawn we fell asleep tired and happy.
The second time it happened like this.
Getting in early autumn from Barmashov to Kherson, I stopped the passing ZIL.
There was no space in the cockpit, and I agreed to drive more than half loaded with apples in the back.
In the same place, a loader — a fair-haired, light-brown dog of about 25 years old, dressed only in shorts and sandals — was also lying on their pile.
I nodded near him, there was nowhere else.
Smoked, sluggishly exchanged a few phrases and subsided.
The weather was sunny and clear, there was almost no wind.
The car slowly devoured miles of melted highway, rumbling and swaying.
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