atlantis the palm webcam A woman in a black suit suddenly crouched, frantically clutching herself between her thighs, a wet spot appeared between her legs, urine trickles flooded the soles and heels of her shoes.
She again managed to stop the flow of urine before it turned into a catastrophe, but the little puddle beneath her was noticeable.
She slowly got up, trying not to lose control again, and I saw wet bands on her legs above her knees.
All the women around me were on the verge of complete despair.

I looked at their faces, how they flinched, moaned, worried, not noticing anything around.
They all tried hard to avoid public humiliation, writhed and jumped, waiting anxiously and hopefully at the station.
A young blonde near me was rubbing her crotch through a wet skirt.
Seeing my eyes, she blushed deeply.
I looked down and saw a large puddle under her feet.
Her sandals were completely soaked, with dripping stockings and skirts.

At last the brakes squealed, and the train arrived at the station.
As soon as the doors opened, a mad crush began.
Bursting out of the car, they all rushed to the toilets.
When I approached, there was a huge line in front of the door of the women’s toilet, as women from all the cars came running here.
The whole horror was that this station was very small, and there were only two booths in the women’s toilet.
A woman in a black suit was fifth in the line and held out of her last strength.
Three women in front of her openly squeezed the crotch and jumped from one foot to the other, while the fourth danced around in absolute despair, squeezing herself as she could, because the urine was already flowing from under her arms.
The queue moved terribly slowly.
A woman in a black suit suddenly began to unbutton her pants with her free hand, while urine flowed through the other. hottest amateur webcam
She wrote in full force, quickly unbuttoned her belt and pulled down the zipper.

Her pants quickly got wet, she pulled them off, showing all his bare ass, and sat down, no longer able to resist.
She wrote for almost two minutes, a huge puddle quickly formed around her legs.
The fourth woman in the queue, too, lost control of herself, urine poured down her legs in pink slacks, turning them into almost red.
A second later, they could not stand it and the two women in front of her, wet spots began to grow in their perineum.
Suddenly the doors of the booths opened and the first two women rushed into them, as the urine was already running down their legs.
The third, unable to endure anymore, ran off somewhere.
The woman in black finally stopped writing, pulled on her pants and quickly left trying not to look at anyone.
The fourth woman in a completely wet slacks village and wept.
Two women who managed to get to the booths, came out in a minute and also quickly retired.

In this bustle, I again saw a blonde who was standing at the door of the car waiting for the station.
We got to talking.
She said that her name was Jacqueline and she had never experienced such a nightmare in her life.
We walked for about half an hour until her clothes dried, and drove home by taxi.
The priest hurts, – the coming to light of Sveta came to herself, laying her back on me.
Her head was on my shoulder.
Are you tired? She whispered to me in a whisper.
Sergei was sitting on the sofa next to me, and looking at us with a smile, he smoked.
Boys, I want to give you a real sex holiday today, – with these words she looked at Sergey and said.
– Let’s call Tanya.
But we agreed that we will not call her anymore.
She is very perverted.
Do you think that today we can not afford a perversion? I guess you’re right.
– Sergey pulled out the phone and handed it to his wife.
Resting from what happened, I fell asleep.

Well, that’s nice.
We are waiting for you.
Come soon Tanya.
– Light with joy in the eyes turned off the phone.
– Sergey, go quickly for champagne and some fruit, and I will prepare it by making it a real woman – nodding at me.
The door slammed.
I heard Sergei in the corridor with someone, probably they met with Tanya on the way.
While we were waiting for Sveta, without wasting time, I made up a beautiful makeup.
She put a short, spiked skirt on me and put a large amount of jewelry on my arms and neck.
She put a bandage on her hair, holding it up.
atlantis the palm webcam