crazy chloe webcam I took hold of her legs, licked her pussy and waited for her to start.
Lyudmila looked at me, took aim and started a jet that hit me right in the mouth.
Urine was warm, salty, yellowish in color with a persistent odor.
My mouth quickly filled up, as the pressure was pretty strong.

As soon as the foam began to flow out of my mouth, the people sent a stream to my head.
She shook her pelvis, and I was under the drops of golden rain that flowed from my beloved woman.
Her urine flowed all over my body, my mouth was full, I enjoyed it, and Lyuda laughed.
The jet weakened, I swallowed what was in the mouth.
The last droplets fell on my tongue, I caught them.
After, I licked it between my legs several times, and Lyudmila got up and got off the bathroom to the floor.
From the floor I raised my foot towel and let me dry off, she told me not to wash after that.
I got up, wiped myself with a towel, washed the bathroom with rain, went to the toilet and we went back to the bedroom.

The hair on my head was wet, I smelled of urine.
Luda is a beautiful woman, she hugged me, kissed me, and we continued our dream, hugging each other.
In the morning we woke up together.
Luda several times having kissed me passionately, suggested that I go to the kitchen for tea.
Along the way, we kissed, hugged, caressed each other.
In the kitchen I poured a kettle, put it on the hob.
Lyudmila sat on the table.
I’m front on a stool.
She ran her foot over my face, I kissed her heel, and my face reached for her pussy.
I licked it several times, then I entered the vagina with my tongue and began to move it there.
Luda leaned back and lay down on the table.
She instantly became numb, I was also very excited.
I got up, pushed the stool, threw her legs on his shoulders and my cock stuck in her sweet flesh.
I impulsively moved in my beloved teacher, it gave great pleasure to both. b910 webcam
I started to boil the kettle, without leaving it, I turned aside and turned off the gas.

Luda moaned sweetly.
Her left leg was in my mouth, I sucked it.
Hands hugged her legs.
A couple more moves and I was ready.
I went deep into her and sperm splashed out of me, she filled her vagina, but I did not stop the movement, at that moment Lyudmila was approaching bliss, I worked hard and gave her pleasure.
A few more movements and she reached orgasm.
After she got up, not derailing a member, and kissed me.
We brewed tea and nicely discussed our night, sharing our impressions.
We enjoyed being together.
Closer to dinner I had to leave, because in the evening her husband returns.
Gathering, I asked Lyudmila Nikolaevna for memory as a panties with a gasket that lay on the pillow, and tights with which I wiped my dick, for the first time after Luda.
She gladly gave them to me.
I got dressed, hugged my sweetheart, kissed her, took my trophies and went to the car.
After that evening we became lovers.
We talk, meet, have sex, I love Luda.
We love experiments.

In our village lived elderly people who have their own household.
Often in the summer a granddaughter of eight or nine years old came to them, which her parents brought from Riga, and they themselves safely went on holiday to the Crimea.
Nadya, that was the name of this girl, was a carefree child, although her parents did not penetrate the soul of the child.
Nadia loved fresh air, green meadows, swimming in the river and in a small bath and walking in the woods.
Once, being with her grandparents, little Nadia decided to wash the horse on her own.
She really liked these beautiful animals.
And especially the black black stallion named Trophy.
Probably, this stallion was once very welcome for future owners.
Often grandmother noticed how little Nadia was watching the dark handsome man in the field: When grandmother and grandfather went to the district center to the market, Nadya was left alone with all her grandmother’s household.
The weather was clear and good.

The grandmother’s cows grazed on the meadow, and the weather did not threaten to deteriorate, so the girl quietly left them to graze in the green meadow, and she went to the barn (there the grandmother kept the horse).
The girl really wanted the stallion to look even more beautiful, and went to look for a bucket.
She found an old metal bucket, scooped up cool water, which was in the very same bath, standing in the courtyard of my grandmother’s house.
In the corner of the barn in a small pantry, the grandmother kept the supplies for grooming the cattle — brushes, troughs, forks for carrying hay, and even a broken autodistiller, which was once inherited from a defeated collective farm.
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