live show webcam My room was equipped with a double bed, as well as a shower and toilet.
In the middle of the room was a steel pillar that supported the ceiling beams.
It was here, at this pillar, that he often preferred to torture me.
I was afraid of this pillar as soon as I could fear an inanimate object.

The room could be accessed through a corner door.
In the center of the wall opposite from her there was a bed – with an iron frame, screwed to the concrete floor a little distance from the wall.
From the foot of the bed to the pillar was about one and a half meters.
To the left of the bed, in the corner, there was a small shower.
Next to him – the toilet.
There was nothing else in the room – with the exception of the iron chair, screwed to the floor in the diagonally opposite corner of the shower, and the steel cabinet attached to the wall near the door.
The cabinet was locked – it contained numerous and various torture tools that I had the opportunity to test myself during my stay here.

A plexiglass-enclosed mirror was located directly in front of the chair – while sitting in front of it, I could comb my hair or watch my reflection attached to my chair writhing in pain under the stinging blows of the whip.
Looking around the room, it was possible to notice several half-worn oil stains on the concrete floor, but the concrete wall was pristine.
At first I thought to mark the days of my imprisonment on it, but in the absence of daylight I lost all idea of ​​the course of time. live show webcam
Even the food he brought was casual, and more like what came first to him than breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Along the ceiling beams were blocks from which a chain hung – suspended from it, I spent a lot of unpleasant hours.
In the cold light of the fluorescent lamps, the place looked dim and gloomy, filled with memories of many humiliations and pain.
The light turned on and off without any order.
Sometimes I stayed in total darkness for days, and the light session that followed this lasted only six hours.

He confused my body all the time and disturbed the sleep pattern – although I don’t know what sleep pattern I could talk about in my case.
Apparently, all this was supposed to gradually undermine my spirit and will to resist.
And gradually they disappeared – insidiously and imperceptibly.
That’s how my home was.
But you need to tell you about how it all began, and how I ended up captive to these walls.
Chapter 2 I was born in Guildford, in the English county of Surrey.
I grew up there and entered the University of Essex.
That’s my whole youth, in short.
I didn’t have brothers and sisters, and two years ago my parents were gone – both died in a terrible car accident.
Without a doubt, it was the darkest period in my life – not counting the current nightmare.
I wanted only one thing – to go away from England, leave the memories behind and start all over again.
By that time, the relationship with my boyfriend, Peter, had long been cracked, and the decision to pack up and leave was easy for me.

Leaving the house in the care of our lawyer, I left Mother England.
I made inquiries about Australia and found out that my profession falls under the definition of a “specialty in demand”.
Armed with a work visa, I finally moved to Sydney, having made a long journey through India, China and Southeast Asia.
Of course, a lot of adventures awaited me there, but now there’s no point in going into them.
Suffice it to say that I arrived in Sydney much more collected than before, and with a strong desire to quickly establish a normal, normal life.
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