mechta geisha bongacams There are swollen bruises under the eye.
His right ear when touched was like a dumpling.
The whole back was a solid open wound, right up to the end of the buttocks.
Flogged and flogged me mercilessly.

Horse harnesses, leather whips, sticks.
That seems to be all.
I was dressed in some kind of woman’s skirt, more like shaggy, on a naked body, tied up with some kind of flagella so that it would not subside.
The body is wrapped in a gypsy robe.
In general, I was an ordinary bomzhihoy.
If I had returned in the afternoon, they would not have let me in the hall of the house.
Lucky that was the night.
And so, I stood opposite the door.
To open it, I had to reach the top right corner of the door, where a spare key lay in the gap between the wall and the slope.
Where is the main, I, of course, could no longer remember.

But it was not easy for me to do this.
To do this, you had to stand on tiptoe and raise your hands. webcam dildo masturbation
Not a doable task.
Everything hurt.
Having made an incredible, hellish effort, I reached out.
Groped the key.
Sick, scratched fingers, broken nails dropped the key.
Lord, for what! Now you need to bend over.
it’s too much for me.
I had to fall on my knees.
Bending, I felt a sharp pain in the crotch, from the holes began to flow.
Groping for the key, for a long time I tried to tear it from the tile on the floor.
Hell flour.
Finally, the key is in the hands.
With trembling fingers of both hands, carefully, so as not to drop, I tried to get them into the well.
Finally, the castle succumbed.
The door opened, I entered my apartment.
I’m at home.
My hell is over.

Everything here is exactly the same as when I, as a cute second-year student of the philological faculty of the pedagogical institute, left this apartment.
In the corridor, near the entrance stood a stool for shoes.
On the right was the entrance to the bath.
Ahead of the corridor on the right is the kitchen.
Left room.
The habitual sweet smell of fruit.
If I could cry, after everything that had happened to me, I would have wept.
From powerlessness, from horror, from a nightmare.
But I could not cry.
I was empty inside.
Absolutely no emotions outside, and with a gurgling slush of horror inside.
I sat down on the bench.
I do not know how much I sat on it.
mechta geisha bongacams