uvc webcam 7 What he wants it.
I want to see Elena in this form – without panties and with her own finger in the ass.
And the girl was ready to serve him.
In the end, it’s just a finger.

Lena with her free hand again took a vibrator from her purse and stuck it into her wet hole.
And, obeying the pointer of Benedict, turned the power to maximum.
The county was announced a dimensional buzz.
Lena just now realized that a couple caressing right under her, even if she still hadn’t noticed the girl, now she will definitely turn her head to an unusual sound.
“Now listen,” the Master waited ten seconds, giving Lena enough time to blush.
– You will stand in this position until you finish.
After that – turn off the vibrator, but leave it inside.
Stretch your panties and go back to your friends.
You take out the toy only at home – the voice was calm, but at the same time, Benedict somehow managed to shade the words so that they completely captured Lena’s attention, firmly imprinting on her mind.
“And by the way, ask someone of your friends to take you off — I want to see your green swimsuit before I go to bed.”
And Benedict hung up.

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Took and hung up! Without waiting for completion, without completing with Lena.
For a moment, the girl was overwhelmed with the desire to spit on everything and go to friends – to have fun.
She was already absent for about twenty minutes or even half an hour.
It is strange that no one has yet tried to call her! But when Lena was about to push off the ground, she felt a wild burning sensation between her legs – the vibrator was almost done its job, quickly pushing Elena’s body to a new flash of pleasure.
And she just realized that she could not.
Will not be able to resist the orders of the Master.
And because of her enjoyment and because she felt that if she only cheated once, she would begin to break the rules.
Here and there.
And she will deprive herself of pleasure! Let the piquant and shameful, drive her, as now, into the paint.
(Erotic stories) But unusually bright because of its unusual, wild! The beauty of which is realized even not immediately, but only a little later, in the memories, causing wild euphoria.

Inner attitude “I can do that!” Everything exploded between my legs.
Lena’s mind went black for a minute.
The girl felt how quiet moans flowed from her throat, but she could do nothing about it.
She felt her anal hole squeeze her finger with all her might.
Again and again, trying to push it out of the body, then draw it deeper.
When her ability to think came back to Elena, she first pulled her finger out of her ass and shook her head, trying to quickly shake off bliss.
Glance fell on the stairs leading to the beach.
And Lena noticed how someone disappeared from view.
“Someone saw,” thought the girl with a bit of dullness.
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