change webcam skype Sasha was sitting at the back and also paddling.
He had to be prepared by Pasha’s command to increase the stroke on the left or the right in order to give the boat the necessary stability.
Ahead one more triple “Salute” loomed.
Having reached the kayak, friends saw that there were three pretty women swimming in it.

True, it is difficult to assess the figure of the lady when she is sitting in a kayak case low-set in the water, but the fantasy of friends allowed them to imagine what thighs, tourist girls have, tummies, pop-ups and what they don’t say, but and the girls’ faces, breasts, and hands were so clearly visible.
The guys slowed down and met with beautiful creatures.
The smaller one, who was sitting on the steering wheel, was called Dasha.
She was as fragile as her colleague, the helmsman, Arkasha.
The woman differed from the man only in a small breast, and the apron above her legs extended to the pedals was perfectly even.

And Arkasha was so carried away by the girl that his apron slightly raised himself up (probably from feelings).
In addition, he forgot that he needed to work with his feet, adjusting the course of the boat, and the kayak and the men almost crashed into the shore, causing laughter from the ladies and profanity of friends.
Dasha looked down and blushed at the look of a man.
“Nice boy, I like it,” she thought.
“Look, as a reddened virgin, come on,” flashed through Arkasha’s excited mind.
In the center of the “ladies’” canoe sat Masha, well built and well-knit.
Pasha immediately laid eyes on her.
He, perhaps, would not mind anything else to put on her, he was cramped in sports pants.
And then Masha playfully winked at him and slowly licked her lips.
“Tease the kid,” she thought. webcam young schoolgirl nude
He takes it in his mouth, Pasha thought.
Natasha was the last among the girlfriends.
She glanced at Sasha and, putting the paddle across the kayak, ran her palms over her breasts, then spread her legs wider and, finally, massaged her lower back and buttocks.
“The male must be interested,” thought Natasha.
“In the ass gives, – flashed a crazy thought from Sasha.”
The man was thrown into a fever, it even seemed to him that the breeze brought the smell of a female to him.

After such ritual preparations, the men did not begin to lean heavily on the oars, so as not to tear themselves away from the ladies.
“Extraction” practically went into the hands itself, well, maybe in the evening it would be necessary to slightly increase the onslaught, and if necessary, go to the boarding.
In the evening, after the women arrived at the shore, friends asked if they needed help.
Having learned that it is not needed, they swam slightly forward and also landed.
They set up a tent, cooked supper, bathed, took on a chest with a gram-book and ate hearty.
Sasha took a guitar and started singing: “And somewhere women live in the world, Friends sit for vodka.
Owned stones, owns the wind My broken boat.
Friends picked up: “They own the stones, owns the wind My boat with a leaky”.
Having finished the song, the men sat and meditated, looking at the fire, on the river, on the rocks.

Masha and Natasha came up.
Oh, guys! You have a guitar! How well you sing! Arkady became alarmed: Did they leave Dasha alone? She is independent.
And you, if you worry, bring her.
And go.
And go.
And we sing a quartet here.
After a while, Arkasha and Dasha sat by the fire and had a leisurely conversation about life, about computers, about water tourism, and, of course, about love.
Because of the river turning, the song of their friends and girlfriends rushed: “Do not leave me crazy dream! Beauty turns a man into a slave.
And after death, I cannot find peace.
I will sell my soul to the devil for the night with you! ”The romantics performed many of the opuses of the domestic maestro.
Lyrical songs and a small dose of alcohol (the girls at dinner, too, were teased, but what about!) Did their job.
Soon, Dasha’s head leaned on a man’s shoulder, and the mighty arm of a wild and merciless warrior (a dream!) Pulled the lady by the waist to the muscular body of the sovereign (another dream!).

Things went swimmingly.
At the next campfire, Sasha, putting down the guitar, kissing Natasha’s face and neck, reached the chest, which by his works was bare.
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