how to check a webcam My daughter finished, the last droplets poured from her pussy on the wet floor.
I dressed her pants and felt that I, too, had a beer with a vengeance asking to go outside, and I would hardly tolerate the house.
A friend said.
And they took Aliska – do not leave her in the corridor! In the elevator there was a smell of urine, it is clear we were not the only ones who used it for these purposes.

A friend pressed Stop, and began to remove the fur coat.
My daughter asked.
What are you going to do? – Also write, turn away, I said.
– I do not want! she answered.
A friend pulled off her pants with panties, not paying attention to her, fully crouched and relaxed.
The first trickle flowed, irrigating the still dry floor.
Then the trickle intensified, and the urine flowed with a powerful hot stream, with a slight whistling.
The puddle on the floor was getting bigger.
The flow of it is increasing, then decreasing.
This lasted for about a minute, until all the drunk beer spilled out onto the elevator floor, which showed signs of urine, probably not one dozen women, and maybe men.

A friend smiled rather, with the last push, pushed the rest of the liquid out of herself, wiped herself with a napkin and threw it into a corner.
There, where she sat, there was a great puddle, and I decided to sit in another corner, at the door.
We exchanged with her, and she kept my fur coat.
Only now I felt that I was going to piss too now! I have not thought about anything else! She lifted her skirt, took off her tights and crouched, relaxed muscles, firing fluid out. trust 1080p webcam
A liter of beer drunk by me, also began to burst out of me with a whistle, splashing on the floor.
My daughter looked at it, making surprised eyes.
But I didn’t care – I felt a buzz of relief, a warm liquid was flowing through my lips, I would like it to last as long as possible.
I wrote longer than my girlfriend – I drank more than her.
My shoes were already in a puddle, and everything was pouring out of me.
I wondered if I should stop, now I would get to the house.
But the relief was too pleasant, and I decided to empty my bladder completely.

Urine has already flowed somewhere down the mine.
I thought that if I had been alone, I would have just made a few movements with my hand on the clitoris, and had finished right there! Finally, I felt a primordial emptiness within me.
I also wiped, dressed, and we, coming out of our own puddle, went for a walk on.
Now I don’t take puddles in my own stairwell with bayonets, realizing that anything can happen, and it’s better to empty your bladder than to walk and endure.
After waiting for Sasha to fall asleep, he turned off the desk lamp, turned on the flashlight on the keychain, and plunged under the covers with his head.
Just like in childhood, when his parents chased him, and at night he read another adventure novel.
Now his novel has grown a little in volume, but it was just as attractive as before, and even better.
Sasha slept on her side.
Her body, now nothing hidden, appeared before his eyes.
Graceful back, elastic ass, delightful legs, pink heels.

Alexander drove a flashlight all over his body, lingering for a long time on the pope and neck.
Ass he wanted to kiss, kiss, kiss.
He wanted to choke, choke, choke his neck.
The batteries in the flashlight did not last long, and Alexander, with a sigh of regret, went to bed himself.
At night he had strange dreams.
Then he ran away from Alexandra Ivanovna across the field with wheat, dodging the sickle in her hand.
That strangled her in some wet, dark corner.
And then he worked with Sasha delightful sex, which he never had with anyone in his life, and the orgasm received in a dream was bright to inconceivable.
– Awoke? – Sasha asked mockingly.
Alexander opened his eyes.
Sasha was sitting at the table next to the bed, dressed in a kimono, all hot, apparently she had just finished her training.
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