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I watched what was happening, speechless, and my excitement bordered on insanity! I saw women fucking a girl with her hands tied, two strapon, holding her between themselves, torment her young body with caresses, and she screams sweetly, wriggling with her whole body and drenching her own breast milk and vaginal lubricant.
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Julia almost ran home from school, because Masha, her youngest sister, was waiting for her at home.
She somehow served the lessons, fantasizing what awaits her at home.
She climbed to her floor, jumping over two steps and stopped in front of the door.
Then she opened it with her key and entered the hallway.
– Hey, Masha! – she shouted from the doorway, throwing off her shoes – Come here!

Quickly! Masha left her room.
She was lovely.
She was wearing yellow panties and a pink T-shirt with Mickey Mouse.
Flashing barefoot on the floor of the hallway, she walked over to her sister.
– What? – She asked, looking at her sister from the bottom up.
Then Julia remembered the video that she watched in class.
– Shut up, bitch! she shouted, giving her sister a slap in the face. “Oh, come on here!” Julia grabbed her sister by the hair and pulled her to the bottom, putting her on the floor.
– What are you doing? – Masha whimpered, but Yulia already sat on the top and closed her mouth with her palm, not forgetting to pull off her panties before this free hand.
Masha only moaned and tried to escape.
But another sister’s slap calmed her down.
– You’re my slut, okay? I will do with you what I want – Julia said, pulling her panties on her sister’s head. indian adult webcam
Then she cried a little Masha in the face, hitting her eyes and a little on her nose.
Then Yulia opened her mouth with her two hands, stretching her cheeks with her fingers, and cried again, but now to her little sister.
– Like, bitch !? – She asked, but without waiting for an answer, Masha sat down on her face.

Masha puffed on her sister’s weight, and Julia, without paying attention to it, began to fidget and jump on her sister’s face.
When my sister started to choke, Julia lifted her ass only for a second, to give Masha a sigh, and then she sat down on her face again.
This continued until Julia began to shudder from a violent orgasm, filling her face and mouth with her juice.
There comes a new day replacing the previous one, one night replaces another, one stars burning others replace each other and one thought about it replaces another.
Every time I return home, going to the bedroom I still remember that magical and unforgettable night with Julia, I still hope that someday I will return home after work, throw off all my clothes, put on a dressing gown, sit in my favorite chair, take a glass of wine and hear a phone call.
Reluctantly, I reach for the phone and hear the painfully familiar voice.
It will call her.
But alas, this did not happen.
Every morning I go to work with a dejected mood, only to think – so much time has passed and it still remains my one and only.

This is the second time I’ve been writing a story about her because I have no one to talk about it with, but I want to share it.
This went on for quite a while.
fate has not played a cruel joke with me the second time.
It happened quite by accident, I talked with my friend about something during the lunch break, she looked at me for a long time and seeing that my mood was at zero, she said that I need to relax.
I have long unlocked, but still agreed.
She knew about everything that happened to Julia and even regretted that she introduced us then.
After that incident, she also did not see Julia.
At that time, the boys stopped me at all and Lena (girlfriend) suggested that I go to a small party, where girls and boys of non-standard orientation would be.
I got dressed quite frankly, decided to live on and even firmly decided to pick up some girl there and spend the night with her.
We sewed into this club.
It was really great there – ultraviolet glittered everywhere, neon, girls and boys danced in the middle of the hall.

It seemed that it was some other part of the world, with its own laws and rules, everything was possible here and it was possible that they were not afraid that someone would look at you in the wrong way.
We sat at a table, ordered a bottle of wine, then a martini and champagne.
makaaroshka minidoctor webcam model video