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But I was still a little uncomfortable, and even cramped, so I took out a member from Lena, though with great difficulty, and asked Igor to switch places.
He lay on his back and fucked Lena in the pussy, so I settled down to a more familiar place in the ass.
Igor tried to do it, I just smeared the head and entered Lena.

Igor and I squeezed it between ourselves, lay in a pose like a sandwich.
Her ass was hot, but freer than usual.
I did not last long, but already longer than Lena, who had already finished, and probably was going to finish again.
I finished some time after it, but did not take out the member, I lowered all the sperm directly into it, maybe it would not be offended.
With difficulty, I took out the penis, which still remained as hard as a stone and, with a clear conscience, went to the shower.
On the way I looked into the hall.
Julia lay still in the same position as some time ago.
In the soul reigned all such cleanliness and order, even if the situation did not favor the positive.

I washed thoroughly, washed the grease off of myself, washed it thoroughly and wiped it with a hard washcloth.
I left only thirty or forty minutes later, taking a large bath towel from Mickey Mouse, which hung right there on the pipe.
I dried off and went into the room.
Sweet couple seems to have just finished.
Lena went out on the balcony to smoke, and Igor was content to drink the same juice.
Igor nodded to me, smiled and went into the shower.
Immediately after him came Lena, who naked naked on the balcony.
Where is Igor? In the shower.
Yes, guys, no wonder we called you.
Listen, how about Julia? In the sense of? Does she have a boyfriend there? And what is interested? – she sat on the edge of the bed.
May be.
Well, she doesn’t have a boyfriend.
– answered Lena.
– And she. hidden camera office sex
Virgin? Well yes.
She recently twenty knocked.
She came here to specialize with me.
You really be careful with her.
– And she ran into the shower.
I had no doubt that they would continue their games with Igor there.

Well, I do not care, most importantly, I got my own and was pleased.
The room was spacious, clean;
well maintained.
It looked like a regular quadrangle, with soft tone walls, tinted curtains, opposite the door, a table next to the window, on which stood a large monitor screen.
The closet occupied most of the room, stood near the bed.
There was also a shelf with books, a soft ottoman and a bed – the most important thing.
I laid down on the bed and began to read the newspaper while they were busy there.
I did not notice how I fell asleep.
When I woke up, then the clock was already four hours and a quarter.
I got out of bed and went to the kitchen, where I was attracted by the smell of coffee and sausage with cucumber.
The couple were already sitting at the table and eating a late dinner.
I joined them.
Julia was still asleep, even when we left.
Lena accompanied us, asking us not to forget about them and to schedule another meeting.
No more alcohol, said Igor.
– And then one is not enough.

Yes, that’s for sure, – answered Lena.
– Well, run.
We came home at about six o’clock, but no one scolded us, because we were still asleep and we went to sleep in silence, going up to my room.
Igor, I laid on the couch, he, without undressing, fell flat on him.
I, too, just touching the mattress, forgot the dead dream.
I woke up at two o’clock, with a heavy head and tinnitus.
The first thing I saw was a vague figure, who squatted, arms outstretched to the sides.
Lord, are you still not discouraged? – I asked him.
Of course! In a healthy body healthy mind.
In vain you got drunk yesterday, Igor said seriously.
– Alcohol affects the heart and brain.
I know, I know, I drank that all, nothing, but my head is noisy.
On – he gave me a tetrapack with pomegranate juice.
For lunch there was pilaf, very tasty and very high in calories, as Igor put it.
He needs to keep himself in good shape, not to lean on fatty foods, but after trying a little pilaf, he immediately piled a full cup of himself and knocked it over in one sitting.

At least someone is good now.
And my head smashed, even though it was fighting against the wall.
I drank a few aspirin tablets, then coffee, again the tablet and washed down with coffee.
Ten minutes later, caffeine, along with aspirin, gave their effect and the headache decreased, leaving behind only ringing in the ears.
It was the second time in my life when I got drunk.
But in the evening everything was fine, I am very good, I remember yesterday’s events in detail.
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